Thursday, April 30


It's mudville outside.
The end.
Not really...
But yeah, it's so yucky and *shudders* eww.... Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll............
Today I played with Eddie in the round pen for a few minutes. It was very wet, and my 22 foot line was soaked because it had been out in the rain all day. So I used the 12 and we did some figure eights and then walked over the logs and it started raining again. Ewww... So we went back in the barn and I groomed him up. He liked that. :-)
Then I talked to Keri for 3 hours. ;-) Yeah, she's awesome! Like a second sister to me! <3 love you Keri!!!
I went and did the dishes after talking to her and I went outside after that. I took Eddie for a walk through all the puddles. He loved it! Some of them were really deep too! His footsies were all clean after that. I love you Eddie! I took Diesel out after Ed and we walked through the puddles too. I think he was thinking we were weird! "Why are you getting me wet???" hehehe. What a cutie pie!
Then I locked them up for the night and now I'm typing to you!
So, with a joyful heart I sign out for the night.
See you in May! lol!

Lea & Eddie

James 4:12
There is one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another?

P.S. I think I shall start putting daily bible verses at the end of my posts. Keep watch for which ones I use!!!

Wednesday, April 29

Past THREE days!

MONDAY - I have no idea! lol!
TUESDAY - After Hallstrom (our classes) I played with Eddie On Line and at Liberty in the round pen. I even rode around for a bit. His figure eights at Liberty have gotten really good! My nerves were up a little bit while riding, but Eddie was so light. So that made me realize I didn't need to be afraid. I watched a video of Linda riding Allure and really realized how much I have to bring my energy up while riding. She also said that the people who have those challenging horses will learn the most and will change the most. Her story is a lot like mine. I'm not giving up on our freestyle. I know we'll get there. Our neighbors also called and said that they were going to drop off the trailer on Saturday. WOOHOO!!!! Yay! Now I can do my Level 3 online audition! YIPPEE!
WEDNESDAY - Today was somewhat busy. We went out (our whole family) and we made a portion of the track for Diesel. So we put in posts, put on toppers, and strung the wire and oh yes, made sure it was electrified. Then our vet came out. *sigh* What a disappointment. Diesel was up first for a quick look over. She (the vet) was so evil! She yelled at Diesel in the face and called him a little sh#%$t. What is the problem with these normals?!?!?!?!?!? Can't they see how stupid they look! Then she rammed a needle into his neck (literally, she rammed it) and put in the tetanus shot. Grr.... Eddie was next and she did the same thing, she rammed the needle in and poor Eddie was putting all his trust in me. Sorry Ed! Needless to say, she's NOT EVER EVER EVER coming back here. Grr....
Then I played with Eddie this afternoon and he was great. Kind of spooky because our kittens were running around EVERYWHERE! lol! =-D But we improved our speed with the figure eight (maintaining the trot) and we did a lot of long distance stuff On Line. Love you Eddie! I'm never going to let that nasty lady near you ever again!

Lea & Eddie

Sunday, April 26

I could do this all day...

I woke up this morning, and took care of the ponies. Diesel got out... Ooops... I was going into his stall and he just bolted out of there. Ooops... Me and dad finally herded him into the dry lot and closed the gait behind him. Thank goodness! It was pretty scary because he's still pretty wild.
Then my sister and mom went into town. I did something, I can't remember what... I think I just played with the ponies outside and puttered. Oh yeah, I cleaned the stalls. That's what I did.
Then my mom came home and we went out to Flannery and I got to play with Mr. Jigsaw!!! Mike was going out to do Jiggies' feet, so I played with him beforehand. He's quite the LBI! I really had to slow my energy down and get sloooooow......... Then I had to do a flick! to get his attention. He was VERY attentive after that. How fun! I realized that I could do that all day: play with horses and go to different barns. WooHoo!
Then I came home and Diesel and I had a great session. I got to pick up his front feet and he did really good with that. I also got to pet his HQ and groom his rump. He's coming along so nicely!!
I played with Eddie after that and he was so happy to be with me!!!! I think he really missed our time together. I felt bad. =-( But I figured out I really have to balance Diesel time, Eddie time, Scout time when my sister is gone, school time, God time, Parelli time... The list goes on and on!!! =-)
Can't wait for tomorrow!
I have to go do math! Stupid math... It's pointless...

Lea & Eddie

Friday, April 24

Prior and proper preparation... what prevents p-poor performance!
HE IS HOME! It went very well. I got the lead over his neck and held on. Thank you Linda and Pat and Helen Topp for teaching me the power position.
Bob took it from there and held him. I personally think I could have held on to him, but I guess he wanted to take care of it.. :rollmyeyes: Pony rolled over a few times, he was very scared. He pulled Bob all over the place!! Haha, go pony! A couple times pony almost fainted as the rope around his neck was too tight. But he recovered quickly and Bob was pretty gentle with him. But, it was scary!!! So the Humane Society people pulls up with the trailer and we spent lots of time just calming him down. But they brought a little girl donkey and he loved that!!! They got a rope halter on him and he led right into the trailer!!! We drove him home and he unloaded like a champ! So he and Gracy, the donkey, both led right into the paddock next to where Eddie and Scout were going ballistic! They are jealous! lol! If Eddie is smelling him, Scout will run over. "He's MY friend!" What goofballs!
Pics and videos to come!!!

Lea & Eddie

Thursday, April 23

It's been a very busy past three days...

WELL NOW! I haven't been on here for quite a while. I miss it! =-)
Alrighty, well on Tuesday we stayed home from hallstrom. I was sick and plus the horses' hooves were getting trimmed. At noon on Tuesday we were called by the Humane Society and they were out by our pony. We headed out there to meet them. Pony came running to meet me! He was so adorable! I fed him and he was trusting me a lot more. The ladies from the HS said that we'll be able to get him soon. She said something about bringing 'cowboy bob.' I internally groaned... I knew I could catch him myself... She said she also wanted to film it, like a documentary. I knew it was getting too big. We just need to get him home! Then Mike came when we got home. Eddie did so good! We did them in their stalls because it was raining. Mike had his green string, how cool! =-D
Alright, then on Wednesday dad was home so we worked on pony's stall. It looks so good! We went out to see pony again and he was very friendly. I love him! Here's a picture of him:

Then today we went to see him again!
LOOK!!!!!!! HE LET ME PET HIM!!!!!!!! Finally a join up! I rubbed his cheek too. Sorry 'cowboy bob,' I'm doing it MY way!!!!!!!! Bummer! It reminds me of a song...
"There is a trail less traveled, there is a better way. I'll take the trail less traveled, there is another way. Watch their bodies, listen to them, language is in every movement. If you don't force, there is no resistance. Willing hearts will go the distance. Strength lies in a gentle hand."
I'm so excited for the day we bring him home! We have until the end of April...
I played with Eddie today too. We have come so far! Our anniversary was on Tuesday. 2 whole years!!! I can't express how amazing our sessions are! Every time I play with him there's a wholenother level of relationship there. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EDDIE!!!!
We also had one of the most peaceful sessions last night. It was dusk and the sun was setting behind the round pen. I was playing music in the background and we were playing online in the round pen. All I can say is that it felt like true unity. My idea was his and it felt effortless. It was warm, beautiful outside, and it felt like I was in Ocala. I can't wait to do it again tonight. Hopefully the clouds will clear up. I would assess more, but I really don't care right now. In Eddie's eyes I'm a Level 3 graduate. And that's all that matters.
I'm so....amazed, baffled, excited, right now. Life is good, God is good.
Savvy on.
Lea & Eddie
I'll post pics later. I guess I should finish school...

Monday, April 20

Horse Fair & Rain & Extroverts

The Midwest Horse Fair was so much fun!!! Crissie came with us and we walked around the big vendor halls. We all bought something (I didn't because I'm saving up for the Cradle Bridle) but it was so fun! I had a stuffy nose and a cough, but who cares! It's the MWHF!!!! We stopped by the Horse First booth and Farrah Green was there. She was really nice and it would be awesome to audit one of her clinics. Fran was there too with Farrah, so we got to meet her. I wasn't feeling too hot, so I wasn't that talkative, but she was nice too! We stopped at a cheese store and my mom bought me cow mug, it's really cute. It was a very fun day out and I can't wait until next year's MWHF!!!
On Sunday it rained allllllll day. I felt super crummy and we basically just sat on the couch all day. The horses were cranky because they stood in their stalls all day (their choice) well actually I take that back, they did go out in the rain for a while. Silly boys! Yes, we watched these long segments on the water levels around the world and how this place is running out and this place is drowning and so on... What a waste of time, I should have been reading the Bible all day! ;-)
Today it was partly cloudy and windy - straight from the weatherman. I played with Eddie this morning. He had a lot of energy and was quite extroverted. We trotted (sometimes cantered) over the cavaletties, did a very fun weave pattern in a circle, jumped over lots of stuff, and played 'put your nose on.... THAT!' It was fun and he was lickin and a chewin by the time we were done. I'm hoping to go out and play with him again later, but I don't want to push it since I'm sick. Oh well, I probably will anyway once I'm done with Math.
Here are pictures from Saturday:
The Alliant Energy Center!
The Texas Thunder!
BIG ponies!
Allison on the left, Crissie in the middle, and me on the right!
Crissie and my mom!
Savvy on!
Lea & Eddie

Friday, April 17



Thursday, April 16


Oooops! So thrilled I forgot pics!
Yep, it was almost 90 in the sun!!
Eddie rolling...
Scout rolling!

Getting ready to go out and play!

Awesome Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was amazing! This morning I played with Eddie in the round pen. We did a ton of zone 5 driving and lots of liberty. I can't even begin to explain all we did, but it was... astounding...
We used the two reins with the 45 foot line and we went sideways, did the circling game with them, jumped over stuff, backed up and did FQ and HQ yields.
At liberty we did a bit of zone 5 driving. We walked around with me in Z5 and he did really good. We did circling game (he has become so light with that and actually goes for a lap or two) and we went sideways and did stick to me at the canter and trot. AH! *happy dance*
It was so amazing!
Then this afternoon my sister and I played with the ponies again in the RP. I did everything that I did earlier and he blew my socks off. *Sigh* SO HAPPY!
I'm so thrilled that we're doing Level 3 {SOLID} things now. (On the ground) But our freestyle will come. I have all the time in the world and hey, I'm only 14! If it takes a couple years to get to a solid Level 2 freestlye, I'm fine with that. We've only been doing Parelli for a year and a half.

Lea & Eddie

Wednesday, April 15

Amazing Level 3 Day!

Today was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The past few days it's been yucky and rainy and windy, but today it was beautiful out!
First I went out and I groomed Eddie. Then my sister came out and we went for a walk around our property. We went behind the pasture, on the muck heap, through the orchard and in the alfalfa field. It was a lot of fun! He hardly had any thresholds and he was very calm too. We went in the round pen and my sister and I played with the horses at liberty together. Eddie chased Scout a few times, but he did come back to me! :-D
After lunch I went back out and Eddie and I had an AMAZING Level 3 session!!!!!!!!!!!! It could have been our Level 3 online audition if I had a trailer. But anyway, we did zone 5 driving through the weave, we jumped over the cavaletties (they were stacked) and we did some sideways over a pole towards me and away from me. It was so awesome! We did canter/trot stick to me and he did great with that too.
We went in the round pen to go to play at liberty. He did awesome again! We did the figure eight at the trot, zone 5 driving at liberty and he trotted a full circle too. Which he usually doesn't do.
Our Online & Liberty has gotten so amazing. I hopped on for a few minutes too but we just grazed. *sigh* I'm glad Mike is coming out on Tuesday to help us with that. I want to start riding again!
Here are pictures from today!
Standing on the pedestal!
Walking by the orchard.
Hanging out at the south end behind the pasture.
Scout sleeping!!! He was so cute!!!!!!!!
Chillin with my boyfriend.... ;-) "She likes me for my boday" -Eddie *says in a TowMater voice from Cars*
Sleepy pony, longing to go for another walk!

Videos later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea & Eddie

Saturday, April 11

Three Savvies!

ONLINE - Eddie and I played out in the pasture this morning! We did circling game, sideways and we jumped over a lot of things, including the single barrel. Yay! He was amazing! He did a whole lap at the canter, and a few laps at the trot on the circle. It was so cool! Then we drove from zone 5 to the pedestal and to the gate. He did really good with that too.
LIBERTY - After online, we went in the outdoor (since the round pen was occupied) and we played at liberty in there. He did amazing!!! He stayed so close to me during the circling game and his sideways was perfect and squeeze was willing and we did stick to me at the trot. And he kept up with me! YAY! (lots of yays!) It's cool, because he had a lot of spunk, but he was so attentive. All he wanted to do was stay by me! What an awesome boy! Our relationship on the ground is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
FREESTYLE - I hopped on for a little bit afterwards. We were bareback and bridleless! Yippee!! We didn't do much, except walk to a teetertotter and to a barrel.
ONLINE - We went back online and went for a walk out by the orchard. It was a lot of fun!
FREESTYLE - This afternoon I rode again. I had Allison (my awesome sister) play with him, while I rode. We jumped over the cavaletties, sidewaysed over poles, circled around obstacles and trotted quite a bit. It was fun! We went in the outdoor afterwards and I stood on him. It was fun! Then we rode in and got a drink of water. We were going to end there, but Scout spooked, Eddie spooked and I spooked. I fell off and fell flat on my back... Ouchy!! How on earth am I going to avoid that? I need to figure something out... I don't want to break something!
Well, I'm going to go play with Scout while my sister rides, that will be fun!!!

Lea & Eddie

April 10th.

Yesterday (April 10th.) it was so windy, so I just groomed Eddie and rode Scout aroung in the outdoor. It was fun, because Eddie was in the outdoor too, so we chased Eddie around a little bit and did some Level 1/2 freestyle things. Scout is so much different from Eddie! He's like a little motorbike, whereas Eddie is like a hummer! lol! So yes, we trotted around and played with different Patterns.
On to today!

Thursday, April 9

Sunny and Savvy!

It was so nice outside today! We played in the morning, with an introduction to zone 5 driving. I'm planning on going through zone 5 driving over the summer. So, we're starting that. No cavaletties today, but even if we keep it up every other day, it's till good for him.
Then I came inside and did a science test, went back out, ate lunch, talked to Keri for a couple hours went back out and rode!
Eddie was so happy to see me! He came right up, and haltered so enthusiastically! I grabbed the bareback pad, finesse reins and bridle ;-). We rode around for a while and I even got him to trot! Yay! I was really sleepy and so was he! Then we did the bullseye pattern, sideways with and without a fence, he did great with those and we opened a gate! It was a lot of fun! I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow! Although I think it's supposed to rain... :-( Yucky!

Lea & Eddie

What a day!

Yesterday Rebecca and I had such a fun day with the ponies! The pictures say it all!
Rebecca and Scout trotting!
Rebecca and Scout on the pedestal!
Pretty ponies and beautiful boots!
Eddie and Scout! They're so cute!!!!!!!
Eddie and I doing sideways!
Rebecca and Eddie doing the yoyo game!

Lea & Eddie

Tuesday, April 7

Pictures and Sidewaysing!

Here are the pictures from yesterday that I didn't get to put on!

Sorry for the weird format again! This thing is crazy!

OK! I'm on a new paragraph.
THEN this afternoon I played with Eddie with the cavaletties, jogs, pedestal, jumps, sideways, thresholds then I got on from the pedestal. He was very sleepy and LBI. We then sidewaysed over a pole, sidwaysed next to a fence, stood on the pedestal, walked over the cavaletties and the whole time he was calm, and I was calm! Yay! It's fun, we keep adding things every day. The first day we did one thing, then two, and so on and so forth! YAY! We're making great headway with our freestyle. It might not be much, but it's awesome to us! So HA! Don't know what came over me there! lol! *holds fingers up to mouth shamefully*
Lea & Eddie

Monday, April 6

We're on an Up and Up!

These are the lyrics to a song that I love. It went along perfectly with today and the past week! Please take the time to read them! They're excellent!

Yesterday is not quite what it could've been. As were most of all the days before.
But I swear today, with every breath I'm breathing in
I'll be trying to make it so much more
Cause it seems I get so hung up on the history of what's gone wrong
And the hope of a new day is sometimes hard to see
And though I'm finally catching onto it and now the past is just a conduit and the light there at the end is where I'll be.
Cause I'm on the up and up. I'm on the up and up. And I haven't given up
Given up on what
I know I'm capable of.
And I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
Yeah there's nothing left to prove
Cause I'm just trying to be
A better version of me for you
A better version of me
For you
To be prosperous
Would not require much of me
You see contentment is the one thing it entails
To be content with where I am and getting where I need to be
I'm moving past the past where I have failed.
But I'm finally catching onto it and now the past is just a conduit
Right there at the end is where I'll be
You never cease to supply me with what I need for a good life so when I'm down I'll hold my head up high
Cause you're the reason why
I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up
Given up on what I've gained from love and I'm on the up and up I'm on the up and up.
There's nothing left to prove cause I'm just trying to be a better version of me for you.
Sorry for the sloppy format!
Today I played with Eddie in the pasture and he did really well. We pretty much just played with a few more Patterns, weave, circling, sideways without a fence ect, ect... Then we went in the outdoor and I did our laying over thing and I sat on him. We went and sniffed a barrel, stood in the hula hoop, backed up, did indirect/direct rein and a bit of sideways. So we're adding more and more each day! Yay!
Then I came in, ate lunch and talked to Keri on instant messenger. I LOVE YOU KERI! We were both so hyper and happy! She is so awesome!
This afternoon at 5ish my sister and I went back outside and played with the ponies! Here are some pictures! We had a TON of fun!

I'll upload more later. My dad is making me go to bed. =-( I have great pics though!!!!
Lea & Eddie

Sunday, April 5

A Great Play Time in the Wind!

Today we had a great play time even though it was SO windy.
We did weave, backwards falling leaf (very fun), squeeze through a hallway of barrels and transitions & change of directions. Then we went in the outdoor and we played with the mounting exercixe again. Even though it was so windy, and he usually hates wind and gets all RB, he was completely LB. I got on, we did a pivot in the hula hoop with his front feet in it, lateral flexion and emergency dismount. He was great and my confidence was great too!!! I'm still confused whether it is me, or if it's him. I'm going to get more things to do with him while riding, like really working on tit for tat, impulsion programs and follow the rail or trail, all at different gaits. HURRAY FOR SAVVY!

Lea & Eddie!

Saturday, April 4

A Good Day!

Today it was so nice outside! I laid on Eddie, hopped on, did lateral flexion and hopped off. We did that twice and he did pretty good. He swished his tail the first time, the second he was fine. It was fun though! I felt like I was doing a colt starting demo! Then we went out in the pasture and played. We did weave went for long walks along the fence and the whole time I talked to him, promising that we would make it through and just babbling on and on. His weave was awesome and he jumped over the tube. The long trots down the south line were a lot of fun. He rounded his back and stretched, he looked so pretty!
This afternoon I rode Scout around the round pen, by the garden and by the garage and corncrib. He had a strong desire to eat grass! So I tightened my elbows and he would run into the reins. "Oh.. I can't graze!" Then he was so interested in me and listening to me. He was so cute!
Then my mom had a Parelli lesson from me today! It was a lot of fun to teach her and I showed her all the games except sideways and squeeze. Scout was so mouthy! What a little terd! ;-) HaHa!

Oh, yes, another Ah-Ha moment!
It's me. HA! Yes, it's me! HAHA! My sister rode Eddie for fun and she didn't fall off! That's funny! I just need to work on my confidence! Yay! Although she didn't do anything with him except walk in circles and he was really sleepy... Hmmm... Maybe it was her confidence? But she said she wasn't too confident to do anything but walk in circles.... Hmmm... Maybe it's him? Maybe it's me?
Let's continue to think about that, shall we?

I LOVE LEARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea & Eddie

Ready For a Change ~ Literally...

Oh golly, where do I start...
This past month (March & April) have been confusing for me. Our freestyle has suddenly gone to pot (Level 1 maybe pre-Level 1) and it has just all fallen apart. I have no idea how, or why or how I can change it. I talked with my mom last night and we were brainstorming, trying to figure this out. I think my main concern is that he will never be able to get to the higher levels because of his horsenality. Which I know is untrue. ANY horse can get to the higher levels. I think it's tough because he's, right now, an Allure. A complete and total 100% Allure and I have no means or knowledge how to handle that. HELP LINDA! Because I want to ride but I can't ride. Because I don't want to fall of anymore! It's stupid to keep riding when I'm tense and he's all WOOHOO, duh, something is bound to happen!
My plan of attack:
I'm going to ask Mike or Karen to watch us and tell us what to do. I know that I can't do this one alone. The bright side is that this will build my character! This is a HUGE learning experience for me because after this bump I'll know how to handle those specific issues. I had another idea this morning. I could probably write to Linda and ask her for advice. I think I'll pm Terra and ask her for the contact info.
Once we get over this, then we'll be cruising through Level 2/3.
Oh, I also wanted to add that I'm definitly NOT going to be doing my freestyle. Unless a miracle happens! =-D I don't want to have the pressure of "Oh! Gotta do it!" I want us to be ready and for us to have quality in our freestyle so maybe we could pass at a Level 2+ or ++.
Well I'm off to put this on the forum!

Lea & Eddie

Friday, April 3

Yesterday Afternoon & This Morning

Yesterday afternoon I went out and rode in the rain! lol! We would walk to a barrel and trot back to the hay. It was so cool, because he was so light! All I had to do was think about what I wanted and he would do it! AWESOME! Yes, it was a VERY good ride!
This morning I played with Eddie in the round pen with zone 5 driving. He did pretty good! We did the circling game form Z5 and a few steps of sideways and figure eight! Then I rode. He was ok. He had some thresholds with the west side because there are a lot of trees there and my cat was the cougar in them. I did fall off. =-( It didn't hurt at all though. Mud is cushiony! =-D Then we played with the thresholds from the ground. Duh! I got back on and he was fine after that. Then I got off again and he went ballistic! Scout was in the stalls, so he couldn't see him. Eddie was whinnying and jumping and rearing! Ah! He went back into the paddock and ended there. Hmmm... How interesting! We're going to be working on that.

Lea & Eddie

Thursday, April 2

Play time!

Today I played with Eddie mostly with change of directions and transitions! He did really good! I was a bit direct line, but after a bit I settled down and so did he. Our circling game was great, we did canter transitions and I got him focused on me and we did obstacles over logs and barrels and cavaletties. We're going to go slow through our Level 3. I was rushing things a bit too fast with all the hubbub about the auditions. We'll get there when we get there! I'm not in any hurry. And with Level 2 freestyle, we'll see what happens! If he's in a good mood one day, and we're both on a good level, then we'll film it. I'm trusting God to see what He wants and when He wants it!
Scout was really too! My sister and mom went to look at hay (looks pretty good) so I was home alone. I rode Scout and he did awesome. His sideways is a lot better and his indirect and direct reins were awesome. He has come a long way! Then I took the halter off and we trotted around bridleless. He was such a little stinker! Pony attitude!
Well, I'm so content with we are right now.

Looking forward to our potential,

Lea & Eddie


Yesterday I filmed a trial run with our Liberty Level 3/4. He did really great! He wasn't too interested in me because it was windy, but I'm so excited for when we can do the real one! Here's the video!

Let me know what you think!
In the real one, I'm going to do stick to me, sideways, draw at the trot, a better circling game, figure eight with cones and just when he's in a better, more relaxed mood. I'm so excited though! And our neighbors said I could use their trailer, so Online will go pretty smoothly when I do it later in the month! YAY!!!!
Wouldn't it be cool to say that I have 2/3 of my green string?!?!?! HOORAY!
Freestyle will come. We'll probably do that in a week. Maybe on friday since it's going to be nice out.
Hooray for auditions!
Today, my sister and mom are going to look at hay, so I'll play with Eddie then, or maybe before. Wish us luck!!!
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