The Story of Eddie

Our family bought Eddie when he was 4 (almost 5) as our first horse. My mom had been out of horses for 20 years and my sister and I had just taken horseback riding lessons for about 4 years. We knew nothing about keeping a horse at home. We had built two stalls on the side of our corncrib and we were ready (so we thought) for our first horse.

God lead us to Eddie out in German Valley, IL. We went to see him three times and had bought him on the first. We were so excited.
The day he came home to a horseless farm was a hectic one. He didn't know us, he didn't want to know us (besides what kind of food we offered) and all he was concerned about was survival. What every horse should be concerned about. That was in April 2007. He had turned 5 on April 18th and he came home on April 21st. He was just a baby.
We encountered some issues that we never thought we would face. He was mad at the world for disrupting his life. When we would go around him his would rear and some days he wouldn't even let us catch him.
The biggest transformation happened to us in June. We saw Parelli Natural Horsemanship on RFD-TV and right away we were hooked. We were amazed that people could gallop their horses bareback and bridleless and slid to a stop. People could actually have relationships with their horses and they wanted to be with their people. So in July 2007 we went to the Parelli Tour Stop in Madison Wisconsin and bought the Level 1 kit with the Carrot Stick, Savvy String, Halter, 12 foot line and Level 1 pack with it. As a bonus they were giving away Level 2 for free with it. God must have known I would eat up Level 1 in no time.

So we went home and started the journey of a lifetime.
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