Saturday, July 30

Two Hot Days

Yesterday and today were both very hot. 90's and humid and sunny. Eddie and I had a bit of an adventure yesterday...
Long story short, he had one of his dehydration episodes that we call colic. Now, I caught it within minutes and got the bute into him lickity split. This was one of the fastest colics he's ever came out of. A half an hour later he got a drink and ate. That made me very happy that they are getting better and better! The last time he coliced was in the spring and it was pretty mild as well. So far so good, only 2 in one year!
Anyway, we've just been chilling, swimming, taking Scout and Diesel for walks and planning out new paddocks! I will post pictures and schematics of what they're going to look like!
I look to the right of this blog post and realize that I should probably explain why there are buggies on my post. Well, I rode my bike down to the creek yesterday and took lots of pictures of the flora and fauna! hehe! :-)
Oh, farm life is good!
More blog posts to come later! I have lots to talk about! One is the new paddocks and the other is SCOUT'S THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND BIRTHDAY!!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Friday, July 29

Think Harmony (part 2)

Yesterday it was a very wet, hot and humid day.
hehe, The End.
Just kidding.
Even though it was warm out, Al (my sister - short for Allison) and I took the ponies for a walk around the track. Literally around the track, not inside it, but on the outside. The "Wild." ;-)
They were very happy for the exercise and new scenery. I think they really enjoy getting out and going new places. They probably get bored of being in the same paddocks day in and day out. Maybe we'll have to break out of our bubble and go across the road for fun or something. Diesel would love that! He's the adventurer of the herd!
Anyway, Eddie and I did some more 'think harmony' yesterday. And it was so much easier! I don't know if it's just once you do it once, you do it all the time, but I was constantly aware of where his feet were when I rode. I asked for a stop as he descended his foot, and imagined a turn lifting the correct hoof he would lift. What also helped was that I walked with him while he grazed. It was a fun little activity to do together. :-) I would follow his footfall with every step he took grazing. Like it said, it was really interesting to see how he walked when he grazed. You should try it! Eddie was just at liberty in the round pen and I just followed him around. Kind of like Simon Says. I'm hoping to ride again today, so I will post about what our Think Harmony is like later!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Romans 12:16
Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.

Wednesday, July 27

Think Harmony

I always like to try new things. Especially when it comes to the horses. I like to practice new theories and see if they work on not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
Today this new theory worked! However, it was hard. Very hard for me. See, when I ride I like to just relax, let my mind wander, feel at peace with Eddie and do lots of small things together. In Think Harmony With Horses by Ray Hunt, he challenges riders to think about what they're doing and make everything matter. He also encourages us to feel the horse and act as though we are walking with the horse.

Let me tell you that it took a lot of unconscious thinking to know every movement Eddie was doing. But! It worked! When I would ask him to stop, all I had to do was think about it, exhale and lean back a little bit. And he stopped! When I would ask him to turn, all I had to do was look in the direction and slightly shift my reins. As you can see in the picture, my reins are always loose and I always let him have lots of slack. It's just more comfortable that way, but maybe someday we'll move on to contact. Anywhos...
We worked on fast walks/slow walks and just having harmony together. It took a lot more brain power than I thought it would and Eddie was SO patient! I'm excited to see how this goes, I already feel an improvement!!
After I played with Eddie, I took Diesel and Scout for walks. Diesel and I went around the track and through the corncrib. Then Scout and I went all around the property, through the front yard, up the driveway and back to the barn. :-) It was really fun and the ponies were so happy for the play time! hehe, Scout and I also ran around by the pumpkin field and went up and down some slopes.
Ah, such a nice day and even though it was hot out, we had lots of fun!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Hebrews 12:1
Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

Tuesday, July 26

Fun Day with a Friend

What a fun day!
My best friend came out and we played with the horses and rode in the outdoor.

Check out her blog here:

Eddie was so good! He was a little sleepy, but we trotted with Scout and Bec and trotted over a few cavaletties. It was really fun to be able to ride with my friend again! We definitely have to get together more and ride, it was a blast!
Hopefully, now that it's cooler out Eddie and I can ride some more and work on some fun things. I just started reading Think Harmony With Horses by Ray Hunt. So far I am glued to it and I just finished reading the introduction! :-) As I learn things and come across good quotes, I'll post them on Wednesdays. hehe, I think I'll call it something clever like Wednesday Words with Ray. Whatta ya think?

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Ahhh... cool weather. Don't you just love it?
For the past few days, Eddie and I have been working on a few things. It's been cool out, so we were doing some cantering in the pasture on the ground. He was having a little trouble with it at first... bucking, snorting, jumping, farting, rearing, running and not relaxing.
So, needless to say, we were working on that. :-] Yeah.
I would asked for the canter, he would do some of his hopping around and then he would settle into a nice little fast lope, slow canter. After about 3-4 times of starting new circles and cantering, he wouldn't do it when he first started. Now, as to the cause I can easily say that it's just spooking. See... There's this baby killdeer...

And this little fella (Stilts I like to call him) is always running around and the momma is always screeching and flapping and make a whole lot of noise.
They run around and play something that resembles an insane game of marco-polo.
Anywhos, Eddie doesn't like scary birds so he spooks at them. Poor fella... Maybe we'll have to try some de-spooking with birds and flying things.

~Lea & Eddie~

 Isaiah 40:22
It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,
      And its inhabitants
are like grasshoppers,
      Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain,
      And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. 

Sunday, July 24

If One Were to Win the Lottery...

Well, we all have those days when we daydream, right?
Our family has been wondering and thinking about what we would do if we won the lottery (which we don't even play).
Check out my mom's blog: Spend the Thyme Farm

We both posted about what we would build!
Well, here is what I would build! :-)
A huge outdoor arena!!

A nice, big indoor arena! Altho it would be nice to have sides that can roll up too!

A big barn with LOTS of stalls!
It would be so fun to have a few jersey cows to milk!

A big hay barn! Not with so many holes though...
We're not moving!! So, we would buy the field behind us which originally was part of the farm.
A hay pasture complete with all the equipment!
We would have enough money to make faux hills and...
Faux streams!
Rebuild the big barn that used to be on our property!

Of course, the list could go on and on...
Build a cottage so we could all live on the same property.
Buy a grand piano and cellos and violins.
Build an observatory in the silo.

So, if you won the lottery, what would you build?

Finally Getting Some Play Time In!

Eddie and I playing with the sprinkler! :-) He was a little unsure at first, but eventually got used to it!
Yesterday, Eddie and Scout and I finally got some play time in! Yahoooo!!! It was cooler (still 90 though) and Eddie and I played in the outdoor and track. He was sort of sleepy, so we played in puddles in the outdoor and rode through them. It was really fun! Then, we went for a walk in the track and just hung out together. I was thinking about going for a trail ride, but I was the only one out there and usually I like to have another pair of hands around in case something goes wrong. Anyway, he really enjoyed his walk and our riding is getting more soft every time we ride. I literally only have to think about what I would like to do and do a subtle cue and Eddie gets it. He is so smart and I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Scout and I played next! Oh. My. Goodness. Did we have fun!!! We went around the entire property and he was having a blast! We went through the south line, up through the orchard, in front of the house and to the west gate. Then we went through the pine trees and Scouted pooped by them. hehe! Ooops! That will surprise dad when he mows! lol! Anywho, we went to the north gate after that and back up the driveway to the barn. :-) It was so fun and Scout just LOVES going for walks. I don't blame him - I love them too!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

P.S. Diesel is doing SO much better. He is completely back to normal. On second thought, he is even better than normal. :-) We have such a happy herd!

Psalm 112:5
A good man deals graciously and lends;
         He will guide his affairs with discretion.

Picture Post

Our herd grazing together in the outdoor.

Big storm that was way to the south of us!
Scouty <3

Diesel and his new, little booties! :-)

The End!

Friday, July 22

It's Raining!

YES! Today is the first time since the beginning of July, we've had rain. The pastures haven't grown much, the lawn is almost brown and our corn is starting to shrivel. Our beans aren't doing so hot either since it's been so... well... hot and dry.
It's been raining all morning and will probably last until noon.
So, the horses are in and eating hay and maybe this afternoon I'll even play with Eddie for a while. Gosh, it's been about a week since I've played with him. :-( I don't like it one bit!
Anywho, Diesel is doing fantastic and is eating so well now. His mouth is doing so much better and he's pretty much back to normal! Yay! Praise God!
I watched Pete Ramey's That's My Horse dvd about the draft horse hooves he was working on, this morning. It was a nice way to pass the time as the thunder and lightning came through.
Yep, just a lazy day here on the farm - hanging out with the horses and my sister! <3

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

P.S. I woke up to this song playing on K-Love. Quite appropriate, right? :-)

Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings You glory
And I know there'll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that's what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain

Thursday, July 21

Diesel Update

Diesel, Diesel, Diesel. He is such a trooper and such a strong little guy.

He ended up having a loose tooth,which the vet pulled. It took him 25 minutes to get it out and 20 minutes to sedate him beforehand. However, he was very patient and never lost his temper with our little mini hinny.
It was quite lonesome at the farm without our little trouble maker. Scout's butt was never bitten (in play) by Diesel and Eddie never got to chase him out of his paddock. hehe, such boys!
But, Diesel came home around 5:30 yesterday and he is sleepy, sore and recovering. However, he recovering very well. Grazing like a champ (pardon the pun) and eating hay and Ontario Dehy.

Here are some pictures of him being floated:

So, we're going to have the vet out to do Eddie's teeth and Scout's in the fall. They will need it and we trust the vet with our boys since he has worked on Eddie multiple times.
*sigh of relief*
As of now, all is good, horses are happy and we're hunkering down for another hot day.
Thank you all for all the prayers and well wishes. God certainly had His hand working throughout the day!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Psalm 119:30
I have chosen the way of truth;
         Your judgments I have laid before me.

Wednesday, July 20

An Unexpected Vet Visit

This morning started out like any other. I went out to the barn, gave the horses their grain and it was then that I noticed something was up. Diesel wouldn't eat his grain and he was having a hard time chewing.
When one of our horses don't eat - a pit automatically enters our stomachs.
So, I let him out and watched him graze. He was still having a hard time and he wouldn't chew. I brought him in, got mom and we watched him some more. We decided it was time to call the vet and we went back inside.
Now, let me first say that it is STINKING hot outside. 99 today with heat indices of 110-120. So, this was a big deal especially since he wasn't eating or drinking.
We called several vets and they all seemed to be busy or couldn't get here until late in the day. However, God orchestrated everything and our first-choice vet called us back. YAY! He left us with two options. Either he could come here at 1. Or we could take Diesel to the vet's place at 12. The clinic has air conditioning and they would be able to see to Diesel sooner. We decided to go to the clinic. If it wasn't for the heat, we would have stayed home, but we were really concerned with dehydration.
Our good friend, Ginger ended up coming and getting him and with a few ropes and some grain, we got Diesel into the trailer. It wasn't natural, but it was hot and he is better off for it.
Right now, they are diagnosing him and we're praying it's nothing too serious. In fact, I should be getting a call right now from my mom who is staying with him while I stay with Eddie and Scout.
It's 99 in the barn and I'm praying that it doesn't get any hotter. However, there is a nice breeze and the horses aren't even sweating.
I'll yet ya'll know when I hear from mom. I'm hoping it will be soon.

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

1 John 1:7
But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

Sunday, July 17

Impressive Or Inviting?

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in a book.
Ever been there? You read and read and read and pretty soon what you read becomes what you do.
Or you listen and trust a horseman. You see the results that person creates and you follow the steps to see if you can get there.
You leave one path and explore another. Sometimes that path isn't what it seems.... sometimes it is....

I recently had a similar encounter.
I got the book, The Horse Seeks Me by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, for Valentine's Day. Beautiful book. The pictures are beautiful and I was very intrigued when I began to read it. Something stuck in my mind though. Well, actually two things.
1. Klaus works with all stallions in his book.
2. He makes things seem magical.

Those things aren't really that bad. In fact some might say they are good. But to the average, backyard horse owner, those things are not easily obtainable. I can testify to that.

I tried to do some of the exercised Klaus does in his book with Eddie. Neck rope, engaging the hindquarters, and using the whip as light as a fly. Let me tell you that the fly theory did not work. Sorry Klaus, but not with my Eddie... Flies are funny insects aren't they? Sometimes they can simply tickle you and other times they can send you hollering when they bite. Well, my little stick with a tiny piece of plastic on the end might as well have been a horsefly the size of a elephant. Eddie likes clearer directions, not a little tickle on the shoulder. I can put my hand on his firmly, yet friendly and he will follow my directions SO clearly.
Anyway, Klaus also makes things feel harder than they are in his book. Horsemanship is easy.
Listen to you horse.
End of story.
However, his techniques work for him and that's great. I wish him well on his journey, but his kind of horsemanship is not for our herd.

With that being said, the kind of horsemanship I keep coming back to can be seen in this painting I found on Google. A person with their horses enjoying time spent together.
It's relaxed.
It's easy.
It's clear.
And there's a calmness to it. Compare this picture with the one above. Which one would you rather be in?
One is impressive.
One is inviting.
I know that I would rather be in this one. And that is what Eddie and I are going to pursue.
Perfect harmony.

~Lea & Eddie~

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

Wednesday, July 13

Goin' to a Clinic

This weekend, my mom and I are going to another clinic! It's hosted by Karmik Acres and the clinician is Martin Black. Now, I've never seen Mark work with horses, and he doesn't have any books out, but I'm very excited to see his horsemanship. You can check out his website here: Martin Black
Apparently he is very good at colt starting cutting, reining, race and reined cow horses.
So, I will post a full account of what I learned from the clinic and lots of pictures too! :-)

~Lea & Eddie~

Job 39:19
“Have you given the horse strength?
      Have you clothed his neck with a flowing mane?

Tuesday, July 12



Wow, it's amazing how fast one week can go!
It has been hot, dry and rather July-ish. Mostly I've been keeping the horses cool, playing and riding in the mornings, and going for walks in the evenings. Oh yes, and hosing the horses off and swimming during the heat of the day! It's been fun though, lazy-ish sort of weather, too hot to trim... Speaking of which I need to trim Eddie's back feet and Scout's back feet too. :-/ I'll probably do them tomorrow, since it's only going to be 78. YAHOO!!!
Yesterday, a small storm rolled through - well actually it was a large storm. More than 800,000 people are without power in Chicago and around northern Illinois. By the grace of God, the bad wind went north and south of us. We're in the hole again! I tell ya, I'm never moving. Tornadoes and microbursts and downdrafts always seem to miss us by 5-10 miles.

Anyway, I took Eddie for a long, 45 minute walk this morning. We went by the gates, took two laps around the pumpkin field, went around the entire house, back up through the gardens and back to the paddocks! We had such a blast and he was so confident. I'm so proud of my Eddie - he has come such a long way and has truly given me his heart. Something that I am privileged to have.

Picture post on its way!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Matthew 4:4
But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’

Thursday, July 7

Warm Weather

Yesterday, no wait... Two days ago, I trimmed up Scout and took a lot of pictures of Eddie's, Scout's and Diesel's feet. They are all looking great! Today, mom and I went out to OEW's and trimmed up Jiggles. I did a full trim! Yahoo!! Jigs' feet look good, flares, but that's ok. Got em back to where they need to be. :-)

So, lately I've just been riding in the morning and hanging out in the afternoon. Today is not so hot, so I'm headed out to play with Eddie once I finish up here!

Our riding has gotten really good though. Eddie is becoming a lot more soft and light, which is really amazing. And I've also worked on becoming more soft and light and not holding any braces in my body.
We've just been having a lot of fun, keeping cool, riding and doing chores. Speaking of chores, I gotta go clean water troughs too!
Here's a pictures of Diesel and I under the apple tree two days ago. We went for a half hour walk and he loved every minute of it! Or maybe he just loved the lush grass.... Hmmm... ;-)

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel & Jigs~

Psalm 18:30
As for God, His way is perfect;
         The word of the LORD is proven;
         He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

Monday, July 4

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
I hope that your day is filled with family, food, fun, friends, fireworks and faith!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,
         The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.

~Lea & Eddie~
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