Equine Podiatry

 Along with my passion for natural horsemanship, I also practice Natural Hoofcare. I believe that horse's hooves have a natural ability to heal themselves, if correct pressure and stimulus are provided.

I have studied under a Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist that was certified by KC La Pierre. Also, I have attended two 5-day KC La Pierre courses and plan on becoming certified by him.

His website can be found here: http://www.appliedequinepodiatry.org/

"The essence of Applied Equine Podiatry is the conscientious study of the equine foot, always striving to expose it to the proper environmental stimuli, making every effort to promote proper structure and function as we progress in achieving high performance. It is accepting the facts that the horse has the innate ability to heal itself and that man's interference has caused imbalance and has broken the golden rule of do no harm.
Applied Equine Podiatry is a Holistic approach to hoof care; it is instrumental to those wishing to practice the art of Whole Horse Health Care."
Parallel inner wall and outer wall, straight bars, medium sized frog, healthy frog spine, low heels, minimum exfoliating sole and a healthy, tight, golden line. THAT'S a good hoof!

"No hoof, no horse."

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