Friday, July 31

I'm Back!

YAHOO!! Our computer works again!!!! =-D

Eddie has been doing so great. I rode this morning and we went for a walk in the track. No spooking, YAY!!! Then we went in the pasture and we did Patterns. His Sideways was AMAZING. We did it over barrels and he was so light. All I had to do was shift my weight and he went right over. Then we did the weave and he was still so light. I basically just had to use my legs. Then we did a big bullseye and I only had to correct him a few times. I'm so proud of him! Then we trotted to different point-to-points. *happy sigh* Life is good. God is good. Hooray for savvy play days!!
Today I'm going out to Rebecca's again so we can play with the ponies. I have a few things to suggest to Rebecca for her to work on with Savannah. Transitions, change of direction, weave, touch it, figure eight, stick to me, and sideways. They are both doing so great!

Here are a few pictures from this past week.
And you know what? Tomorrow is AUGUST!!!! AH!!!! That's so crazy!!!

Rebecca holding Eddie and Scout:

Me and Eddie jumping!! Yahoo!! It was so much fun!

My Eddie - <3 I love you Eddie! More than words can explain!

Me and Eddie on Wednesday:

Playing with collection a little bit!

~Lea & Eddie~

Wednesday, July 29

We shall be back~

Well our computer crashed, it looks like we need to get a new one, and it probably won't be here for at least a week. AH! =-( So I won't be posting for a while... *cries*
Let me just update you guys on what I've been doing!
Eddie and I have turned such a HUGE corner!! We rode for 2 hours yesterday and he was amazing! We cantered, jumped and went for a walk on the track. I cannot explain how much I love him! =-) <3 Diesel has turned such a corner too. He is SO friendly now!!! LBI/LBE. I'm so proud of both of them.
I also have been working on long reins with Eddie. AMAZING! Level 4 quality. I love you Eddie!
Well my time on the library's internet is about to expire.
I just wanted to say that Eddie and I have been doing some amazing things. I'm so proud of him.
Talk to you soon!


Saturday, July 25


FINALLY!!!! We are finally into the groove of Freestyle!!!!!!!! For the past 4 or 5 days I've ridden and it has felt so good. Every day we've ridden in the track and either the outdoor or the pasture. I know some of you have known about my confidence issues with riding and I'm happy to report that with prior and proper preparation we've both gotten more confident. Now I have no second thoughts and I have developed the feel for when to get off. Just this morning we were riding in the track and a bunch of cyclists went by. He hates those things! So I waited, he did fine because I was calm, then I got off once we rode by them. We walked the rest of the way, but I was so glad that I did because I timed it just right and after I got off they all spooked! Yay! hehe, it feels weird to say 'yay' after the word 'spook.' lol! His attitude was amazing and cooperative. I'm so proud of him and the savvy we both have. The best part? Most of the times I rode I had the bareback pad, but today when I rode I was completely bareback! In the track! haha, who needs a saddle? hehe!
I'm so happy!

Psalm 128:2
When you eat the labor of your hands,
You shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.

~Lea & Eddie~
We're living our dream!

Thursday, July 23

Patience and Persistance!

This morning my sister and I had a lot of fun. I went out at 9 and I decided to ride Eddie! I grabbed the bareback pad, the finesse reins, halter and my helmet and off we went! I had the question box set up from when I rode Scout, so me and Eddie played with that. We did the sideways box pattern, question box pattern and the clover leaf pattern. Yay! It was a lot of fun! Eddie was somewhat "blah! blah! blah!" but I got him interested and he finally got into it a bit. I used two carrot sticks for turning/back up and he did pretty well with that! I had to use my reins a few times, but by the end I just had to direct him with my sticks. Oh! Get this! We even went sideways without me touching the reins. He was so light! It's like he gets EXACTLY what he has to do and he knows it, he just doesn't want to do it! lol! Cookie time! haha! But yeah, it was a lot of fun and I can't wait until I can ride him again and we can work our or quality. I love you so much Eddie!!! I'm going to play with him later (it's pouring now) and I'm going to work with Diesel too. I love my life!!!

Romans 12:1
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

~Lea Henze~

Wednesday, July 22

Super Day!

Today was so much fun! Let's start with this morning:
Scout and I played with his freestyle again and it was so much fun! First we had reins and we did a few Patterns, then I took his halter and reins off and we were bridleless! We did the question box and the clover leaf pattern. It was a lot of fun! It was really the first time I have done it, and we were bridleless! Yippee! We also worked on sideways, follow the rail, clover leaf, question box, figure eight, weave and 180's. They are all so much fun! I love Patterns! =-D Scout is so much better now with mind exercises. He's so polite and calm now! I love working with him. =-)
Then I groomed both Eddie and Diesel and I did Diesel's toes. I got to rasp them all off! Yay! His feet are doing so well. They are right where they should be.
I played with Eddie before dinner and it was fun! It poured earlier, so everything was wet and I was barefoot! lol! Haha, I love muddy feet! lol! Anywho, Eddie was so concerned with bugs/his herd/mud/wet grass he wanted nothing to do with me. My plan was to do zone 5 driving with two reins, but I remember Jerry Williams' article about putting the relationship first and I dumped that idea and worked on him wanting to be with me. Let me just say that the play session went amazing. He was interested in me, and he totally forgot about everything else! Then, get this! We actually got to do our zone 5 driving!!! We did the circling game and change of direction and point to point and we did a faux trailer load into the stalls! lol! YIPPEE!!!!
Well I have to say that when you put the relationship first your horse will give you even more then you expect.
SAVVY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke 21:19
By your patience possess your souls.

~Lea & Eddie~
My amazing partner that teaches me every day.


Hey there!
Take a few minutes and watch our horses' stories. They all came to us for a reason. =-) I love our herd!
Eddie's Story:

Scout's Story:

Diesel's Story:

~Lea & Eddie

Tuesday, July 21


This was yesterday when I rode Scout again with Patterns!
Yesterday's play session with Eddie!

There! HAHA! Then we walked over the log! I thought we was going to jump it! Silly horse!!
When I played with Scout a bit!
These are from today when Eddie and I did long reins! His expression was a lot better!
One rein!

Now on to two!

The end!!!!!!!

Lessons and Long Reins and Learning and Lecturing

Well the last two days have been very fun! I've been giving Allison lessons and me and Eddie have REALLY bumped up our savvy. I'll talk about Eddie and I now...

Lately he's been very... naughty. I thought it was just disobedience, but now I've realized that it was total boredom! He was so bored with all the things we were doing online! So I thought and realized that the next thing to work on was our zone 5 driving. Duh! Why didn't I think of that before?! So, now we're playing with all our zone 5 driving and taking it to new heights! He did so well with it earlier. He was really ready for it and he finally got my attention! lol! Yay Eddie! You're teaching Lea!! =-D I love learning!

So, having said that I learnt and then I taught! I gave my sister a good 30 minute lesson on what I've been doing with Scout. They did so good! I'm so proud of you Al!

Yes, yes. It's been a very fun last couple of days!
Keep the savvy!

Psalm 119:30
I have chosen the way of truth;

Your judgments I have laid before me.

Lea & Eddie

Sunday, July 19

Thank you Eddie! ~Amazing Rides~

Well I just got back in from a great ride with Eddie! We rode in the track again!!!! YIPPEEE!!!! I feel so confident with it now. We've done it twice without any spooks and he's doing so great! Now, I finally feel so confident with him. I love you Eddie! We played in the afternoon at liberty and he did pretty good too. We need to work on our change of directions, so I'll keep you posted on how that goes! =-)

This morning I also rode Scout. We played a little beforehand and he was so forward-aholic/mouthy/over reactive! AH! So I got on and we did super patterns! We did the figure eight, bullseye, ovals, follow the rail and transitions within gaits. We did all of those until he relaxed and asked if that was what we were doing. He really caught on quick. It was so much fun, I got to test my savvy and his transformation was AMAZING! My mom was watching and she said that at the beginning he was a RBE/LBE then by the end I saw he was all on the positive charts. The power of Patterns are AMAZING! =-) He was a completely different horse! I love doing this ~~~ Horses are my passion!

Speaking of that, I really found out what I can do to earn my income. Instead of working at a store or something (YUCK!) I'll trim horses! I trimmed up Rebecca's horse's front feet and I was so in my element. So, when I'm 18 (or if KC comes around here) I might take one of his courses and get certified as an equine podiatrist. Because you know, there aren't that many trimmers around here and there is always a shortage of them. I'm just so glad we found Mike or else Eddie would still have surface cracks. =-)
That's it for now!
Savvy on!

2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Lea & my amazing partner Eddie!!!

Saturday, July 18

Fun Days!

Yesterday I went to Rebecca's and we had a lot of fun. Rebecca played with Savannah with the 7 games from the ground and from her back and they both did great! Rebecca sounds like she really likes Parelli and Savannah is great at it! We both rode and jumped a bit too. Here are some pictures:

The first ones are of Savannah and I and the last two are Rebecca and Savannah.
It was so fun! Thank you for having me out Rebecca! =-)
Today Eddie and I had a super day! It's been so chilly lately (in the 70's) so he's being quite hyper. But today he was so funny! He was naughty and so LB extroverted! He would turn out on the circle and buck! 0_0 I was quite surprised! He's hardly ever naughty anymore! So we played around a bit and we played at liberty too. His weave is doing really good! I was at the end of the 22 and he was weaving with ease! =-) He jumped the log (the barrels were too big since his leg was cut) and we straddled the log too. So yeah! It was a fun time and even though he was naughty we both had fun!!!
Over and out!
Oh yeah! I'm going to put my daily verse back on here. So, here it is!
Psalm 119:7
I will praise You with uprightness of heart,
When I learn Your righteous judgments.
~Lea & Eddie~

Thursday, July 16

Silly Eddie!

Well yesterday...
I bathed Eddie yesterday then we went for a walk around the property. He really liked that!
I brought him in the paddock and he decided to roll right next to the hay feeder. DUH! So he rolled right into it, cut his leg, broke a board, and threw the thing against the fence. Now that thing is HEAVY! It took three of us to lift it and he threw it around like it was nothing. =-O He is so lucky that he didn't get hurt. whew...
So because Eddie was out of commission I played with Scout!

He had quite a workout! He jumped the barrels, went over cavaletties, jumped the cavaletties and we trotted half of the track while I was riding him. It was fun! So he was quite tired when we were done. =-) Here are more pics!
And the pony jumped over the moon! lol! And Diesel was out of hay, so he stood in his box! What a silly guy!!!!!
~Lea & Eddie~

Tuesday, July 14

Great Day Today!

Today was awesome! I took every game and we did it as best we could.

We started with the...
Friendly Game - I did the helocopter from zone 5, friendly game in zone 1 from zone 5, extreme friendly game. You name it! Next was the...
Porcupine Game - We led by the ear, by the front foot, by the hocks and by the mane. Fun! We also backed up by the tail and Eddie was so light! All I had to do was lift a handful of hairs and he backed up. Then was the...
Driving Game - I had Eddie yeild his HQ's then as his FQ's passed me I looped the line over his head so we could do a full spin. He licked that! Next came the...
YoYo Game - I backed him behind the tube and I had him jump towards me (he actually straddled it) and then back up to it. He liked that too! Then we did a fast back up with the driving game to get him a'lickin'an'a'chewin. You guessed it, the...
Circling Game - We did a lot of transitions, change of directions, and lots of neutural. He did very good with those!!! Then we also did the circling game with the tube in the way so he had to jump them every time. Yay! Now it's time for...
Sideways Game - This one was the most fun! I had him sideways over the barrels halfway then I hopped on him, went on the other side and had him sideways towards. =-) It was fun! We also did sideways from zone 1 and from zone 5. Now for the finale! The...
Squeeze Game - I had him jump over the barrels and straddle them as a squeeze!

The End!!!!!!!
Not really! lol! Haha!
We played with some zone 5 driving around the cones in a figure eight pattern. It was a lot of fun!

Hooray for savvy play days!!!!!!!

~Lea & Eddie~
Partners for LIFE!

Monday, July 13

Hmmm... How Interesting!

Time for a bit of an update.....

Right now we're playing through Level 3/4 on the ground but I've found a few holes in some of our games and Patterns. Because when we're doing our Patterns he gets pretty bored. I was playing with the circling last week and it is awesome. I've found my neutral and he knows his task. But I think we stayed on it too long and he got bored with it... Hmmm... So right now I'm sort of stuck for ideas. All of his games are good, but when I try to refine them he gets cranky. Maybe it's the heat (only in the 80's though) or should I move onto something else?

Here is what our Online & Liberty self assessment checklist looks like:

We're good with alot of things, we just don't have the quality there. Time to put on our thinking caps and watch some savvy videos!!!!!!! *runs off to the SC vault and looks through all the Level 3/4 online vids*
We'll just keep playing and see where we go!

~Lea & Eddie~

Guess what!?

Guess what!? Guess what!? Guess what!? Guess what!? Guess what!? Guess what!? Guess what!?

Yesterday I rode Eddie around the WHOLE track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a goal that I would do that by winter.... well I did it yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy! Eddie did so good and he didn't spook at all. Not even with the south line which he hates. I'm so proud of him. He looked like he enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun. I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy!

Hooray!!!!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better 2 year Parelli anniversary.

Sunday, July 12

2 Years

2 years since what?
Well this time two years ago we were watching Pat and Linda Parelli at the 2007 Parelli Tour Stop. We bought the Level 1 kit and at that time they were giving the Level 2 dvds with the Level 1 pack for free. So the beginning of the journey began. We had played with the 7 games a little before hand with the 7 Games VHS, but nothing as in depth as the Level 1 pack. We learned so much and I was thrilled with the results. By the fall we were already seeing a change and I dived into the Level 2 DVDs excitedly.
I can't believe that was only two years ago. It feels like I've been doing Parelli forever! lol! I've classified myself as a Parelli sponge, I soak up everything!
I'm so glad God led us to Parelli. He always knows what He's doing.

~Lea & Eddie~

Saturday, July 11

It's Here!!!

Well some of you may know that I was making a video of Future Parelli Professionals. It's here!
I hope you all like it! It was a lot of fun to make. =-D


Friday, July 10

One more thing...

I just wanted to share this video with you:

I saw this and I instantly clicked with it. Now, that is what my dream is. Exactly that. I've been looking for a video that shows exactly what my 'that' is and this is it. I know it will take a long time to get there, but that is my dream. My ultimate dream...


Both Horses

Yesterday's play time was so much fun! I played with Eddie at first and he was doing AMAZING! He did the best circles I have ever seen him do (they had rhythm, relaxation and he was so connected) He trotted and cantered them without breaking gait and he did the best downward and upward) transitions. Perfect practice makes perfect! And they are - they are perfect!!! Then we went over the cavaletties, jumped barrels/logs, straddled barrels/logs and just had a lot of fun! Our straddle is amazing now. He know exactly when I ask him to straddle and when to jump. He's so in-tune with me! Then, oh get this, I tapped his front left leg, put a carrot under his chest, and he bowed all by himself!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!! He is SO SO SO smart!!! I'm so happy about the play session!!!!
It gets even better! My sister had been playing with Scout a little bit and because she's sick, she handed him off to me for me to play with both of them together. This was the first time that I played with them and they were actually listening to me. We did the circling game, sideways, squeeze and yoyo. All were amazing! I think sideways was the most fun. I had Eddie sideways towards me (which he did beautifully) while Scout sidewaysed away form me. It was so fun! Then I got them to jump together (jump the cavaletties stacked) and it was so cool! Eddie was listening to me, Scout was listening to me. We all felt so connected! My sister video-taped all of it, so I'm going to make a movie in a bit. Check back here for when it's done!!!

I can't believe how FUN it was!!!!!!!!!!!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

Wednesday, July 8

Rain! Ew!

It rained alllllll day toady. The horses were out for a bit and then they were in, then they were out and they had a lot of energy. So I groomed them in the afternoon and I did all of their feet (including Diesel's at liberty!) Yay! Right before we locked them up, we took them for a nice walk in the track.
Three laps to be percise! I rode Scout and ponied Diesel while my sister lead Eddie. It was weird not to lead Eddie or be in control of him, but I think my sister did a very good job with his LBE/I behaviour.
It was cool, I had my hat on, and my big 'ole muck boots while I ponied Diesel and I felt like a cowgirl! *says in a southern accent* --> Bringing in the horses from the field. hehe!
Well tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny! Yay!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!

~Lea & Eddie~

Tuesday, July 7

A Play Day!

Today Rebecca came out! It was a lot of fun!
We took the horses out for a walk in the track, I lead Eddie and Diesel and Rebecca rode Scout. We did three laps and then we rode around and played in the pasture. Then we went inside, and after a quick rest we went out, groomed them, and we both rode around in the paddock/outdoor. We stood on the pedestal, trotted around and we even sat on Eddie double! =-D He didn't care at all! It was funny!
I'll post pictures soon!

Well with Eddie, we're right on the verge of doing something new. All the things we've been doing are now at a pretty good quality, so we're moving on to new stuff. We're still working on cantering on the circle and having 'good' circles and trotting sideways. I'm going to look at the self-assessment sheet and see what we can improve on. We're also going to get the Patterns from GiddyUpFlix, so I'm super excited about that! We got the Freestyle Patterns in the mail yesterday, so I'm looking through those. Lots of notes!!

TTYL! Pics are on the way!

~Lea & Eddie~

Saturday, July 4

Fourth of July!

Today we are putting in the track. It's going to be fun!
I hope everyone has a safe and fun fourth!
Happy 233rd birthday America!


Friday, July 3

Thoughts From Today

Wow. What a day. So much to think about. Let me start with this morning:
At 9:45 we went out to get the horses from the pasture so we could play before Mike came. Eddie and I did canter falling leaf, transitions, gaits withing gaits (at liberty) spins at liberty and independent circles on line and liberty close and far away. So yeah, he was very tired after I was done playing with him!
Mike came around 11 and Scout was first, then Eddie and then Diesel. Diesel did a lot better this time then last time. He would jump around a bit, but he always came back. Mike did a fantastic job with him. I would rather have him, a Level 3 grad, get him used to different people (men) then anyone else. Say a vet. Thank you so much Mike for taking the time it takes. I know, it's not exactly to the girly way (carrots and kisses), but Diesel has to learn to trust others. =-) He showed me how to rasp off the backs, so that's my homework for this month. It will be easy.
Mike also brought the Theraflex for me to see. It looks good, but it's... *heads off to check* $300 and that's my whole bank account! Plus a saddle whenever I save up for that. No thanks. I'll wait and see. Good things come to those who wait. ;-)
But it was so nice. It was after lunch and we got done with the boys, so Mike stayed and ate lunch with us. Subs, yum! Get this -- He said (I didn't know this yet) that Mark Weiler bought out 'Parelli' from Pat. It happened some time ago. It really opened my eyes though. I mean, it's so easy to get caught up in all this stuff and how expensive all their stuff is when there are equal things out there that are cheaper. I know God gave me this gift, and I want to use it by pleasing Him. I absolutely LOVE Parelli, the Horsemanship side. I think what Pat has done is revolutionary. But the prices and the corporation are what get me. There are amazing students out there - Hannah Willis! Fran Latane! Keri! Grace! Kayla Wells! Lina Brandt from Sweden! Katie Oostman! Miranda! You know, those are the girls that deserve to ride with Pat. Not pay. How hard is that? Dave Ellis who taught Pat how to play the guitar and he became an instructor. You know, I don't think you should have to pay to do what you love.
That's just what I think. My mom has really helped me realize that. The underdog students are the students that deserve to be recognized, not the ones who have thousands of dollars at their disposal and are proud.
Anyway... Tomorrow is the fourth of July!!!
I cannot wait until we can get the track in tomorrow. Yep. For the fourth we're putting in the track! Finishing it! Yay!!!

Well, I'd better stop before this turns into an essay.

~Lea & Eddie~

Thursday, July 2

I'm so proud of myself.

Please read the post before this before you read this one.
Well yesterday I did exactly what I said I would. I took the time it took and it took WAY less time. ;-) Yesterday I rode Eddie in the outdoor/dry lot and if I hadn't taken the time (a very long pre-flight check) I won't have been able to ride. But Eddie was calm, I was calm and it was a relaxed, Level 1 ride! Yippee!!!!! I didn't push myself, I new that if things went wrong, I either get off or go back to the friendly game. Which really helped. We did the friendly game all the way to Level 3 and it helped me relaxed and he just about fell asleep! So, I was super excited!

Today I played with Eddie in the round pen. The bugs were really bad and he was a bit scatter-brained, so I decided not to push it. We dragged a cone, did the circling game (he did really good) did sideways away and towards and took silly pictures. lol!

We have started the 'drag a cone' task. It's funny, he sees no point in it! I could just picture seeing him go, "And why is there a cone attached to me???" hehehe! The next thing to drag is a tire! Woohoo! ;-)


Lea & Eddie
~Partners till the end~
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