Tuesday, March 31

Bridleless Party!

Yesterday my sister and I had a bridleless party in the round pen! At first I rode Eddie with loose reins and he was doing awesome. His sideways was really good and all was great! Then my sister took off our reins and I took off her reins. I finally got Eddie to trot because he was a little LBI that day. Only for a few steps, but it was a trot! Then we did some sideways and he did great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he got kind of mad and stuck his head under the rail and grazed under there. How interesting! I should have said, "Me too!" but I bothered him until he brought his head up and then we walked around for a few more minutes. It was really fun and I can't wait to ride bridleless more!!!
Today it rained all day. YUCK! I groomed Eddie and he was happy for company.

Happy April!!!! (1 more day)

Lea & Eddie

Sunday, March 29

One more thought...

Horses know...
Which one would you classify yourself as?

1. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 2 years with them.
2. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending a year with them.
3. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 6 months with them.
4. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 1 month with them.
5. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 1 week with them.
6. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 2 days with them.
7. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 1 day with them.
8. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 1 hour with them.
9. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 15 minutes with them.
10. Horses know you know what you're doing after spending 1 minute with them.
11. Horses know you know what you're doing after seeing you.
12. Horses know you know what you're doing after feeling your presence.

Now for number 1 I would consider that a Level 1 standard.
For number 4, probably a Level 2 standard.
Number 6, a Level 3 standard.
For number 8, Level 4 standard.
Number 9, Level 5-7 standard.
Number 10, Level 8.
Number 11, Level 9.
Number 12, Level 10.

I thought that up last night. It's pretty cool! Probably not totally accurate, but it's a fun diagram thingy.


Saturday & Sunday

Yesterday was ----- a ton of fun! I went out to Rebecca's barn in the afternoon and we hung out there. We played with Savannah with the 7 games and she did awesome! Both horse and human! Savannah is so light and responsive and Rebecca catches on really fast. Savannah reminds me of Rachael Morland's horse. They look exactly the same, only Savannah has a longer blaze. So we hung out and I got to play with one of the minis at the barn. Her name is FiFi and she is a doll! I got her to stand on a box like a pedestal and she licked her lips while she was up there. Yummy thoughts! Then we cleaned out stalls and ended up staying out there till 8:40! And we got there at noon! I love horse barns! Oooh! Jacks, Rebecca's trainer's horse, is gorgeous! He reminds me of a mild Allure. He's a Clydesdale trakahner cross and is beautiful with his white feathers and black coat. It was a lot of fun to use some Parelli things on other horses. =-D Fun stuff!!!
Today was interesting. It iced/snowed last night so everything was yucky this morning. But now that the sun came out it is A LOT warmer out and the snow melted. Great, now it's mud! I went out and played with both the horses at liberty. I would run around and Scout and Eddie would follow. It was so cute! Then I walked Scout over to the pedestal, he stood on it of course and I put the hula hoop around him. Then I used that as I savvy string around his neck and we rode into the barn. Then I put my real savvy string around his neck and we walked around in the mud for a bit. THEN I made a Cherokee bridle and he was so cute! He even offered to tuck his head in!!!! Vertical flexion!!!! YAY!!!!
Eddie was so sleepy, so I didn't play a lot with him. But I probably will go back out in a bit. It's finally unsnowy now!
Well, have a savvalicious day!

Lea & Eddie

Friday, March 27


Here are some pictures of me and Eddie's ride today!!!

Pretty pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trying to knock over a barrel....

Charlie Horse from knocking over said barrel.... OUCH!!

Walking along... heading for the poles!



Pressure... ----> Release...


Cavaletties & Jumps

This morning it was quite freezing. Yes. It was cold! Mom and Allison went to Kishwaukee College to look at the horticulture stuff. That's what she's going to do. But anyway!
I went out and played with Eddie. We had a really good play time! We trotted the sundial and jumped a lot of stuff. We had a great accomplishment, we trotted sideways without a fence! I don't think he likes trotting sideways with a fence, because he feels he can't go forward, so without it is! He did really, really, really good with that! I'll probably go back out there later and play again, maybe with Scout since my sister is head over heels in college stuff and senior graduation.
You know where I want to go to college?
HEHEHEHEHE! God willing of course.

OH! I got my Mega/Super/Xtra cool/Uber awesome Parelli bag!!!! I got it yesterday afternoon!

It's going to be GREAT for luggae and carrying all my savvy stuff with me! It's awesome!!!
Be Back Later!
Lea & Eddie

Thursday, March 26

Oh my, oh my!

Ok, where do I begin....
I went out to play with Eddie this morning and we had SO MUCH FUN! We did some weave and I really waited until he was thinking about it to stop. After about 4 times he stopped and licked his lips and looked at me (Question!)
Then, because things were going so well, and it was REALLY nice outside, I got on. We rode into the paddock and I got all my equipment. Bareback pad, hackamore, helmet and so on. Then we went back out and did some more weave! We walked through them, then backed through them and he did great! He did have the 'druthers' towards the gate, but we played with it and evened everything out=if he did something right, we would head to the pedestal, which is by the gate. Yay! His backup was interesting, I got to a phase 4 and he still wouldn't move. Oh boy, time to use my savvy! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my feet and a few steps, release, Viola!
Now to the funny part...
Allison took Scout in the round pen to play at liberty. But he ducked underneath the fence! =-O Loose pony alert! I hopped off because I knew Eddie would get right brain. I opened the gate to the dry lot (we were riding in the pasture) and by the time I did that Eddie had worked himself into a frenzy and Scout was in the backyard. Eddie went flying into the dry lot. Eddie saw the gate was open. Eddie is now free too!I run after Eddie! Two loose ponies!!!!!!!!!! My sister and I were so right brain, it was hilarious! Things would have gone so much more smoother if we were calm. hehehehehehe! But the good part is Eddie just trotted/jumped frantically and went to find his missing Scout. Scout could care less, he was digging the lawn grass!!!
Too funny. But that's pretty good, it's the first time a horse has gotten out in the last 2 years.
I ended up catching Eddie and we went back in the pasture after a quick drink and a breather. We did a bit more cloverleaf (half a cloverleaf) =-D and then stood on the pedestal and ended there. What a goof! Scout's a goof too!
Had to share with ya'll.
Have a savvy day everybody!

Lea & Eddie

Wednesday, March 25

Can't wait for summer!

GREEN GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The grass is actually green!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled that spring is finally here! It's been raining for the past two days, so I haven't gotten the chance to do anything with Eddie. No, wait, I take that back... I took Scout and Eddie out for a walk around the pasture. They really liked it! It was pretty cool, I was sending them for a squeeze and Scout froze, Eddie was behind him and nipped him on the rump. "This is what you do!" I could almost see him saying. It was so cool! He was my carrot stick for the day!

This morning my sis and I went out and played with the horses. Eddie was good, he always had an eye on what Scout was doing, but after 15 minutes he was 'all ears' to mwah. It was so freezing outside! Grrrr! And it's supposed to snoe this weekend! YUCK!

I can't wait until the mud dried up and I can ride around again. This summer is going to be awesome! Zone 5 driving with the long reins, bareback and bridleless riding, cradle bridle, and lead changes at liberty! WooHoo!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!

I want to ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Tuesday, March 24

Bad Rain!

I hate rain...
We went to classes this morning and then it sunny. Then it was pouring and it's still pouring!
Yesterday I didn't do anything with Eddie, and today I didn't do anything with him. =-( I'll probably go groom him in a bit since he's inside and dry!
So.... I'll ramble.... and talk about random things....

Well...... what shall I chat about....
I know!
OK... got it!
I'm thinking about writing a book of my life. I was driving through Chana, IL with my dad and was pondering if I should do so. My final thought was yes! I have so many awesome thoughts. Here are my thoughts from Chana:
Well golly, now I can't think of any! I need a portable laptop so I can scribble all my thoughts down. Here, I'll attempt to reminisce.
"There was no one on the sidewalks. The only hint that humans lived there, were the kids playing ball hockey on the street. Downtown wasn't much of a 'downtown.' There were old buildings that looked like they had been there for centuries. An old building even had a place where carriages would back up to. The cracked cement roads had grass sticking up out of them and weeds were starting to peek through the spring ground. There are two things that you'll always find in Chana, rocks and wood. There were countless houses that had rocks in the back and chopped wood."
Alright, that's all for now. I have to let my sis use the computer. I'll write more later...
Let me know what you think!

Lea & Eddie

Monday, March 23

March 22nd.

SORRY I didn't post yesterday. We were very busy and were outside ALL day!
I had an amazing play session with Eddie. We played at liberty and he was amazing!
Here is a pretty long video of our first play time. Then after that I rode with the bridle, then the hackamore and the bareback pad.
Well there is it! Hope you like it!
Now here are some pictures.

Sitting on the fence after a ride Sitting on his rump ;) Stinky toes!!!!!
My confidence is back!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
I'm going to call Keri today, so that's going to be FUN! It's very gloomy outside... yuck!
Have a savvy day everyone!!!!! I know I shall!
Lea & Eddie!

Saturday, March 21


We're doing a TON of liberty! He loves it!
We mainly working on circling and sideways, squeeze he's fine with and yoyo he's doing great! Our sideways away is going along nicely and towards, it's coming together. I'm having so much fun and so is he! He's doing SUPERB!
His circling was ok. I would send him and he would take off cantering, then stop behind my back. But we ended when he went a full circle and a half at the trot. Awesome! Our change of directions are interesting... I run backwards to get him to come in to me, but he spins around the other way. Oh boy! Me too! =-D But I just rolled with it and he was fine. We'll get there!
Our liberty is pretty solid in Level 2, and our online is very solid in Level 3.
Then I hopped on and I slid off his rump. He was very interested in what I was doing! lol!
We went in the pasture then and I tied the 22 foot line into a hackamore. We stood on the pedestal, walked over to see what Scout was doing and then went back inside. I didn't want to push it because I didn't have a helmet on. But the whole time I wasn't afraid at all! Yay for confidence! We're getting closer and closer to being firm with freestyle in Level 2. Just have to work on trotting. But you know what? It doesn't matter! I don't have a time limit and this summer everything is going to go smoothly because he's always a huge LBI in the summer. Right now, of course he has energy, because it's chilly outside, between 30-50.
Ah well, I had a conversation with God this morning and I KNOW he wants me to wait for freestyle. Let me explain,
I was 'idolizing' the blue string. But it's not about the string! Whole cares if it's pink or purple, it's all for human recognition! When we go to Heaven, all of these immaterial trinkets are going to turn to dust. So, I realized God put fear in me, to stop me from worshiping (not literally) a string!
Thanks God for waking me up out of that! =-D
So, yes, I'm very content now and I'm looking forward to the future through Christ. As long as I listen to Him, he'll show me the way to go.

Lea & Eddie

Friday, March 20

Today & Yesterday

Yesterday I rode and did some freestyle Level 2 things. We're really shooting for filming freestyle this month, so wish us luck. He did really good! His sideways is amazing and the only thing that was iffy was our follow the rail because it was windy. But we're still working on it!
Today I played with Eddie with a lot of Level 3 online things. We cantered, went over obstacles, jumped a single barrel and did some zone 5 driving with two reins.
I'm planning on doing some cavaletties this afternoon and riding a little bit.
It's funny, for some reason, I'm really restless today. I want to do something! Like start something new, or buy something, or go somewhere, or learn something, or teach something! I think God's putting me through a test to see if I can hold on today and not loose my cool. So far so good! We'll see how riding goes. ;-) Maybe I won't ride. I just keep telling myself, open mind, open mind.......
Well I have to go do Algebra! Wish us luck! I'll keep ya updated!


Wednesday, March 18

I'm glad I called it that...

...the Versatility Pen.
We had the BEST play time in there today! It was cloudy and the weather people said it was going to rain, but it didn't! YAY! We played online first and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I used the long reins and ah! I can't stop saying how amazing it was! We did the circling game with change of directions and transitions. We only went up to a trot, but we're getting there! AH! It was AWESOME! Then we went to liberty. He did so well again! We played with all the games and we trotted over the cavaletties alot too. Then we did freestyle, bareback and bridleless! =-D We only walked around for a little bit because I didn't have a helmet on and no reins, but we had lots of FUN! Then I got off, grabbed my finesse reins, bareback pad and the helmet and went back to ride. We trotted aorund and did the most AMAZING sideways ever! We straddle over a pole and then sidewaysed off of it. He was so light! All I had to do was look the other way and change my position! YAY!
Alright, I'm coming off of my Extrovertedness.
Just had to share!

Savvy out,
Lea & Eddie

Oops! Forgot pictures!
One more...


Before it rained today, I went outside and played with Eddie in the round pen. He did really good! We worked on out cavaletties and he was SO connected to me. At first he was very scatter-brained and was a complete extrovert. But I channeled his energy and he became SO responsive. I dropped my stick and forgot to pick it up again, so we played stick-less. All I had to do was bring my life up and he would start to trot. Yay! It's really amazing that you can do so little a phase and they offer so much! He really rounded his back over the cavaletties and I think he actually enjoyed it!
We went in the pasture after that and did some weave, sideways and point to point from zone 5. He did really good and I can't wait to start more long line driving. I'm planning on doing that over the summer. I'm a little uncoordinated with all the mud and the 45 foot line takes skill. Especially when they are tied into reins. So, wish us luck! We're diving into cavaletti therapy and plunging into the Level 3 world!
Green string, here we come!

Lea & Eddie

Tuesday, March 17

It is so Nice Outside!

YAY! I love warm weather! We played out in the pasture today and it was really windy. But it was a pretty good play session. He was a little spooky while we did the circling game, but he was still connected to mwah. Even though he did leave once. lol! I was bringing a barrel over to do some weave, and he started walking away, then he started trotting away back to the barn, then he galloped home. How interesting! We went back out together and then he was fine, but he was like, "See Ya!" hahahahaha! What a silly dude!
His weave was really good and he cantered a circled and trotted a few without breaking gait, so that was pretty cool.

I asked out neighbors if i could use their trailer and they said yes! YAY! Now I can play with it with Eddie and we can film our Level 3/4 Online! I mean, why not? That's where we're playing anyway. I'm not too sure about Level 3 liberty, maybe in a few weeks, but I'll pray about it and think about it.

I was thinking today... We've have gotten so far... From April 2007 when I got him to March 2009. It's amazing! We're basically playing in Level 3 online, Level 2/3 liberty, Level 2/3 freestyle, and Level 2/3 finesse. All in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good. He definitly knew that I needed him and he needed me. And we're PERFECT for each other! We're totally going all the way to Level whatever! It's all about the relationship!

Oh! One more thing! Check this out!
from Norma on the Daily Parelli Blog:
The Dog Whisperer Meets the Horse Whisperer
WHOOHOO! We've got an AIR DATE - April 3rd on National Geographic Channel!
SEE PAT PARELLI and Cesar Millan when the Dog Whisperer Meets the Horse Whisperer. Pat and Cesar work with a Therapeutic Riding Center in Southern California - two challenging dogs and a horse that terrifies the side-walkers.
Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW to watch!! Go
here - to read all about the episode. Pass the word.
Also, if you want to Let National Geographic Channel KNOW that you WANT MORE of PAT and CESAR - like, say, maybe a ONE-HOUR SPECIAL or hmm, a Horse Whisperer SERIES - please WRITE an e-mail to comments@natgeochannel.com and say "PRETTY PLEASE CAN WE HAVE MORE PAT!?"

Sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea & Eddie

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Day!

Well yesterday we downright awesome! We went outside and I grabbed the bridle. Just for fun. It was SO nice out! I saddled up with the bareback pad and kept the halter & 12 foot line under the bridle. Then we rode! For the first time we rode freestyle in a bridle! He was AMAZING! If we had tried that about a year ago, it would have been a disaster, but with SAVVY it turned out awesome! We did some regular things, like sideways, follow the rail, corners game, 9-step backup and just a few other little things. His backup was the only thing we had a few problems with. But I found out that if I'm really light, then he's really willing. YAY FOR SAVVY!
We played around in the pasture after lunch and after I talked to Keri. He had a lot of energy while we did some CT in the round pen, but we ended on a really good note!
Well, that's all for now!

Lea & Eddie

Saturday, March 14

Riding - Riding - Riding!

This morning I went out and saddled up. He was in a very good mood, so I knew we didn't have to play. We did walk around a little bit before to do all the girthing and stuff. But we did really good! I love that he switched from LBE to LBI! He always does that this time of year. It's like going from spring fever to 'yay it's nice out!' I loooooooooooove it!
So we did figure eight, we sidewaysed over the barrels, jumped the small jump, actually we walked over it. Then we went in the outdoor, but the footing was really bad, so we went in the round pen. We did alot of the compulsories for Level 2 freestyle, and we did pretty good. He wasn't too connected to me, but that will come with daily rides.
I'm going to do our CT (cavalettii therapy) this afternoon, so wish us luck!
Here are a few pictures:
Getting on from the pedestal
Standing on the pedestal
Horsey! Love you Eddie!
Lea & Eddie

Thursday, March 12

What a good day!

Today was overall a very good day.
I went out this morning and groomed Eddie. Then my sister and I went out and played with them. Eddie was SO lazy, and to tell the truth, I was too. So we went in the round pen and played with a few little things. We played with circling game, sideways, and zone 5 driving. He did really good, especially with zone 5 driving. This afternoon I went back outside, around 5, and we played some more. This time it was a lot more fun. We went out to the pasture and played with our cavalettiies. I'm getting so sick of typing that word. Here's why: http://eddiecavalettiitherapy.blogspot.com/ I made a blog for our CT. There I can't spell it anymore. ;-) Check it out. I'm not typing anymore of the C word!!!!!! =-D lol!

Trot on!
Lea & Eddie

Tuesday, March 10

I'mmmmmm Baaaaaaack!

On Saturday morning our computer crashed... =-( So we sent it in to the computer people and they fixed it by Monday morning. Yay! Well... here's what we did over the weekend/Monday...
On Saturday I went out to a friend's house and we went to her barn. It was drizzling on and off, but we still got to play around with the horses. I took a paint mare and Rebecca took her horse for a walk. It was a lot of fun! We walked up and down her roads and we trotted and cantered down a hill, on the ground of course. It was kind of neat, I got to use some of the Parelli principles on Poppy, the mare I was leading. I would very minimally have her get in sync with me. I stopped and she would stop, I would trot and she would trot. She even licked her lips and I could see her thinking about it. Pretty cool!

Then on Sunday it was raining ALL day, so we didn't do anything with the horses, except groom them and hang out with them. It was a very boring Sunday since we didn't have any computer. But it really makes you realize how much time you spend on the computer. WOW! Anyway...

On Monday it rained some more and the horses were wet and soggy. I did play with Eddie though. We did some figure eights and they were very interesting. At first they were small, then he pushed on about 50 or so feet away. Then we did BIG figure eights, which was fun. We also played in some puddles and splashed around. I called Keri, we talked for 3 hours!!! It was fun!!!! We counted up the number of times we called each other, I think it totaled 16 times or something! Then it usually averages out to 2-3 hours, so 20-30 hours of talk time! Awesome!!! =-D Love you Keri!

Today we had a lot of fun, we played in puddles and walked around in the corncrib. I have pictures!!!

Eddie looking really fat in the round pen...
Scout, not wanting to be left behind...
Eddie drinking some of the yucky water... ew...
Happy pony plays in the water!
Playing at liberty out in the pasture. He liked the idea of carrots every time he came in!!
Savvy on!
Lea & Eddie

Friday, March 6

It - Is - Warm

I think the pictures say it all.
We went for a walk around the property. Eddie spooked a bit (my mom would say 'big time') and now I'm exhausted from doing farm chores.
It's the first day in months that I wore a t-shirt outside. YAY!
The red-winged blackbirds were singing all morning and the robins are finally out.
Thank the Lord spring finally came.
I'm very happy.

Thursday, March 5

The Power of Love

Hey there! Today was a great day! It was SO nice outside, 60 degress, sunny, but windy. I didn't have a chance to play with Eddie before 5, I groomed him, but I played with him at 5. First he didn't want to leave his stall. Oh boy! =-) "Me too!" So we played with the stall. I sent him in, then out all from the fence that it about 20 or 30 feet away. Then we would go into the other stall, sort of like a figure eight. Once he got connected, which wasn't long, we then went out to pasture. But, he didn't want to leave the paddock. "Me too!" So we played with the gate. Squeezing in and out, circle to the pedestal, go through the gate, turn around, go back to the pedestal. Then he was fine! It was a lot of fun and Eddie got really involved once I got inside his brain.
Oh, today's Daily Parelli Post was very good. I'm going to keep it handy since I can relate to it. Here it is:

Emotional Fitness, oh my!

"Being sure comes with no guarantees, but at least you're sure that you're sure...once you understand what 'sure' means and how to get sure, you'll develop good judgment. You get good judgment by experiencing and living through your own bad judgment. You learn from that and then you start learning to be sure." ~ Pat
Parelli from "Natural Horse.Man.Ship"

Being sure that a horse is emotionally ready to ride would be a good thing to be sure of. But we can't ask our horses to be emotionally fit and not rise to meet our own emotional challenges. We constantly tell our horses, "Don't worry, don't be afraid," but are we able to say that to ourselves? The horse knows when we're nervous, anxious, bothered, or any of our whole range of emotions. We state it pretty clearly with our body language, most of the time without knowing it ourselves. The horse reads us and, being a herd animal who relies on reading the emotions of the other members of his herd, probably spends some time trying to figure out what we're so bothered about - "If my predator is bothered, this can't be good" - and then HE gets concerned.

Next time you're with your horse, check your OWN emotions - leave your worries outside the barn door or stall. Find ways to CHALLENGE your own emotional fitness; use lateral thinking to exercise your emotions, find out how much you can handle, give them a good workout and get them under control.As Pat says, he may have butterflies in his stomach sometimes, but at least he's got them trained to fly in formation.

I think I need to work on that... =-)
Never Ending Self Improvement!

I love Parelli!

Lea & Eddie

Wednesday, March 4

How can I explain today...

...roller coaster ride...
I started out this morning thinking about future auditions and asking Parelli faculty questions and who knows what else. Needless to say I was a super-predator with my goals and time line.
Then this afternoon I went to a laid back, 'we get there when we get there' attitude.
What to know how?
"Prepare yourself for something dreadful..." -Ellizabeth Bennet, Pride & Prejudice

This morning I went out to play with Eddie. And to tell you the truth, I don't even remember what we did. =-O None. It was so pointless to Eddie and me that I forgot. That was the predator in me.

This afternoon I figuratively slapped myself in the face with a big, fat, muddy towel. Figuratively.

Then I went out to play with Eddie with my dear sister and we had the most amazing time. The most amazing! Packed full of learning for me, Eddie and Scout. Yes, I played with Scout too. We switched. It was fun. I had a ton of fun with Scout and it got me to focus off of Eddie and our uber-goals and to switch to having fun.
"How could I have been so blind?" -Elizabeth Bennet, Pride & Prejudice
If you guessed, I'm reading a Jane Austen book. =-)


Now we're focusing more on our relationship and forgetting all those goals. I do want to assess my Level 2 before May though. That's a very obtainable goal, since we only have to do Freestyle.

Savvy out,
A never-more goal oriented Lea & Eddie

I hope you all that read my blog learn from this. It can so make you feel like a failure when you set these goals for yourself and you don't reach them, either because your horse isn't prepared or you're not prepared.
God Bless.

Tuesday, March 3

Wowie! What a play session!

Welllllllll..... Let us start with this morning...
Before Classes we had an AMAZING session. It was truely amazing. It was a glance into what Level 4 will be like. Truely awesome. We played at liberty. We jumped the barrels, played stick to me, squeezed over the cavaleties and it was amazing because he didn't think about leaving at all! Ok, I admit, he left once, but came right back. We stood on the pedestal, I scratched his itchy spots and we sidewaysed without a fence over barrels. It was so awesome. Totally amazing. I can't say enough positive words about it. I wish my sister had gotten pictures. THEN, oh yes, it gets better...
I hopped on from the pedestal, dropped my carrot sitck, oops, and we just walked around bareback and bridleless. AMAZING! A week ago he would have freaked. But I hadn't played with him for three days and he was awesome! We walked over the cavaleties and followed Scout around. I was so happy! My jeans were covered in his hair because he is shedding like crazy. Then I had to go in and get ready.

After we got home, it was so nice out, 30 degrees, so we went out and rode. Eddie did awesome again. We only walked, oh well, but we did a lot of patterns and I can tell he really enjoyed it. I'm thinking about doing my freestyle in the round pen, since he doesn't have any 'issue spots' in there. I'm still trying to figure out his issue with the east end.
So I got off, because he was doing so well. It's funny, I could hear Linda in my head saying, "Quit when it feels good. Even though it's hard." So reluctantly I got off. Then we played for a long time with the east end, so I could see what was going on in his mind. "Hmmm... How interesting! He's really unconfident." We did all the games at that end, but still no improvement. We're going to keep working on that! So we went out of the outdoor and on the other side of the rail on the east end. He was very fractious/panicky and hyper-alert. RBE much? No wait... LBE on adrenaline! He's always on adrenaline this time of year, because it's SPRING! That means he has lots of SPRING! =-D Which he had a lot of. I switched to a 22 foot line and our halter, instead of the hackamore, and we played with that. He exploded! YAHOO! We jumped, and reared, and bucked, and finally I let go and he went flying back to the stalls and trotted around like a crazy man. I was laughing. It reminded me of Linda and Allure during the Purtiy of Gait segment this past November. 8-O So, we sorted everything out, and approached and retreated away from the 'end of death'.
Wish us luck! I hope he comes out of this phase soon! And please pray I have the savvy to deal with it!

Lea & Eddie


Where did February go?????? It's March 3rd. already! GOLLY!
Well, it's been windy and cold these past few days, so I haven't really played with for a while.
BUT, I have to share this:
Everything we've been doing, like zone 5 driving with one rein, jumping over stuff, sideways to and away and liberty, has all of a sudden gotten GREAT!!!! He's so light now, all I have to do is change my body position and he sidewayses towards me and with liberty he's gotten a lot more responsive. I'm so excited! So, now I'm working at the other goals. Here's my list:

(hint: Write it down; extra-credit hint: write down answers to all of these questions)
What is your Ultimate Goal with horses?
To teach people about Pareli and become the best me I can be.

What is a step toward that goal that you could achieve within ten years?
Work for the Parelli Company

What is a step toward that goal that you could achieve within five years?
Graduate Level 3

What is a step toward that goal or a lesser goal that you could achieve within two years?
Develop me and Eddie's relationship to a light, responisve positive conversation

What is a step toward that goal that you could achieve within one year?
Film Level 3 Liberty

What is a step toward that goal or a lesser goal that you could achieve within six months?
Teach a few people about Parelli and help others that are on the journey.

What is a step toward that goal that you could achieve within three months?
Graduate Level 2

What is a step toward that goal or a lesser goal that you could achieve within one month?
Film my Level 2 freestyle

What is a step toward that goal that you could achieve within two weeks?
Start doing Level 4 online task, Level 3 liberty tasks, Level 2 freestyle tasks and continue to save up for the cradle.

What is a step toward that goal or a lesser goal that you could achieve within one week?
Take a gander at the self assessment and see what we need to work on.

What action could you take toward that goal within three days?
Play at liberty more and wait for it to warm up.

What action could you take toward that goal tomorrow?
Watch Success Series and teach dad the figure eight pattern.

What action could you take toward that goal today?
Get home from Classes and play with Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What action could you take toward that goal right now?
Ummm.... Go look at the self assessment.

What information could you acquire that would improve your chances of achieving your goal?
More info on Freestyle......................................

Really? Totally!
With God's amazing and inspiring help I can do ANYTHING!

Do you see how easy it is to make a plan?
But of course!

Once you have a plan...Are you willing to change it if you need to?

Over and out!

Lea & Eddie
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