Saturday, March 21


We're doing a TON of liberty! He loves it!
We mainly working on circling and sideways, squeeze he's fine with and yoyo he's doing great! Our sideways away is going along nicely and towards, it's coming together. I'm having so much fun and so is he! He's doing SUPERB!
His circling was ok. I would send him and he would take off cantering, then stop behind my back. But we ended when he went a full circle and a half at the trot. Awesome! Our change of directions are interesting... I run backwards to get him to come in to me, but he spins around the other way. Oh boy! Me too! =-D But I just rolled with it and he was fine. We'll get there!
Our liberty is pretty solid in Level 2, and our online is very solid in Level 3.
Then I hopped on and I slid off his rump. He was very interested in what I was doing! lol!
We went in the pasture then and I tied the 22 foot line into a hackamore. We stood on the pedestal, walked over to see what Scout was doing and then went back inside. I didn't want to push it because I didn't have a helmet on. But the whole time I wasn't afraid at all! Yay for confidence! We're getting closer and closer to being firm with freestyle in Level 2. Just have to work on trotting. But you know what? It doesn't matter! I don't have a time limit and this summer everything is going to go smoothly because he's always a huge LBI in the summer. Right now, of course he has energy, because it's chilly outside, between 30-50.
Ah well, I had a conversation with God this morning and I KNOW he wants me to wait for freestyle. Let me explain,
I was 'idolizing' the blue string. But it's not about the string! Whole cares if it's pink or purple, it's all for human recognition! When we go to Heaven, all of these immaterial trinkets are going to turn to dust. So, I realized God put fear in me, to stop me from worshiping (not literally) a string!
Thanks God for waking me up out of that! =-D
So, yes, I'm very content now and I'm looking forward to the future through Christ. As long as I listen to Him, he'll show me the way to go.

Lea & Eddie

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