Sunday, November 30

Here are some pictures of Eddie and I

Snow, Snow, Snow SNOW! (random post)

Snow rocks. It's snowing. I LOVE SNOW! It's not exactly staying, it's turning to slush. Bad snow.
The ponies are wet. There's not much to do. The Christmas decorations are all lit up. I love December. My Christmas list is short but sweet. Eddie also blows me away. We have dreams. But we don't let them get in the way. In the way of what's important. I write. I write about a lot of things. Fantasy, inspiried by Narnia. Music, inspiried by August Rush. Prince Caspian comes out on the 2nd. I play the piano. I played today. I learned On Fire by Switchfoot and it's really pretty. I also play guitar. I learned how to play Love Story. It rocks. Well I have to go. If you read this that's kind of weird. Because I'm just talking, talking, talking about nothing..........................................................................................................................................................
Well BYE!


Saturday, November 29

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

~Sigh~ It's almost December. Where does time go? Oooh... Prince Caspian comes out on the 2nd. I'm excited!
Today I groomed Eddie and we did a de-spooking day. He did so well. We had a bid plastic shavings bag, a camping chair, a Santa hat that he thought was going to eat him and a plank of wood to walk over. He was weary of the Santa hat, and he was fine with everything else. Then we rode, and ate hay. He was so sleepy so we just hung out after that. It was a good lazy nice day!

Savvy on!
Lea & Eddie

Thursday, November 27

How Interesting...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Today I rode Eddie and groomed him. Our ride was interesting. He was very, "I have to go do this, then I can do that." It really stretched my savvy, because instead of getting in a fight, I had to say "Ok, me too! But can we do this?" Your idea.... My idea! It was hilarious, we were walking out of the gate, and I saw on his face for an instant, "Let's run!" He jumped up and bucked a few times and then he stopped. I hung on, and just slid off when he was done. Then I got back on and finished on somewhat of a good note. Every day is a learning day!

Lea & Eddie

Tuesday, November 25

Look, I'm going to be 'naughty...'

That was Eddie's saying today. We started out playing a little circling game and he was ok for a few laps. Then he would stop, not want to move, then take off bucking for fun. It was hilarious! So I took the hint, and we did lllloooonnnngggg point to point. It was fun, because I was in zone 5 and we would trot, stop, walk, back up and he was so intent on me and the task. Then we did some sideways around barrels and he even sidewaysed towards me. I was so proud of him! He got showered with carrots after that. Here are a few pictures of his cute little face!But before that we went to Edward's Apple Orchard up in Garden Praire and got amazing apple cider donuts. YUM! Then on the way home we passed these adorable ponies and we had to stop. Here's a picture of them:Oh, and also before we left for the apple orchard, I rode. Eddie had major 'druthers' to the gate, so we rode by it A LOT and then he was fine. He He, I wore my jodpurs and it was fun. I can't remember the last time I wore those. But he was great. Every day we're having more and more fun!

Savvy days,
Lea & Eddie

Saturday, November 22

A Huge Turn in the Relationship

Lately our play sessions have been amazing. We've been playing in all the savvies and he's just doing so well. Well I've probably talked about this a million times, but here's the story again...
I read Shy Boy, awesome book. It is so inspiring to hear how a wild horse chooses to be with a human except a herd. Something that really stood out to me was this one statement. Monty Roberts asks this to his students, "If you say a horse loves to jump I won't believe you until you turn the horse out in the pasture and there is a course of jumps set up and the horse goes around and jumps them on his own accord. If he does I'll believe you, if he doesn't he doesn't love to jump." Something to that effect. Reading that and Jerry Williams' article in the Savvy Times Learning to put the Relationship First really helped me. What I got out of them was that if I feel ignored, not asked my opinion, or bossed around, that's exactly how Eddie feels when I do it to him. We're both LBI, and I just now got that! Duh!
So our play sessions have been so light. Some of the highlights were riding without touching the reins (only a few times) while following the rail and doing transitions, another was playing all 7 games at liberty with an obstacle, and it's just amazing!
So our future is: work on leading from zone 5 online, winning the games at liberty, riding bridle-less freestyle, and getting the confidence snaffle (maybe whole bridle or C3 bit) so we can work on finesse.
~SIGH~ Thanks God for getting me so far. I couldn't do it without you.

Lea & Eddie

Thursday, November 20

Pictures & Snow!

It was so pretty! We rode around and Eddie did excellent! He did sideways without a fence PERFECTLY! I was so proud of him... So here are a few pictures of us riding in the snow...

Parelli ROX!

Wednesday, November 19

Putting the Relationship First

We are having SO MUCH FUN! Eddie and I have been doing so much. We are working on small but awesome zone 5 stuff. (Online) I asked him today to so sideways, trot and I threw the rope up on his back (like Amy Book did in the Savvy Club DVD) and he took two steps sideways! Big improvement from yesterday. Yesterday he spun around and got really unconfident. So I was so proud of him.
Freestyle - we rode around in the outdoor/pasture and trotted, I was UBER fluid with him and that made him want to go go go. Yesterday we the question box pattern without hardly touching the reins.
So yeah, I know I have to work on Liberty and in Finesse I'm going to get the confidence snaffle soon, so those are the two savvies we are really working on. (online & freestyle) I can't wait to dive into Liberty!
Wish us luck!
Savvy out,

Lea & Eddie
Romans 12.2

Monday, November 17

Another Great Day!

Today we played in the pasture with a bunch of different stuff. I really thought about what we needed to work on to improve our relationship. I really wanted him to be connected with me and for my ideas to become his ideas. Success! We played with the barrels and he jumped them so willingly! Which is hard for him to do because he does not like jumping. SO I was so proud of him and he got a lot of scratches. Then we did some zone 3, 4, 5 driving and he did great with that. He licked his lips a lot and took lots of sighs. He even offered to trot over the cavaleties! He was such a good boy! Then we went in the outdoor and we rode around for a while. We played with going sideways, impulsion programs, sideways without a fence, tit for tat, transitions along the rail and it was so much fun! He was so warm and the sun was nice!
Savvy out!
Lea & Eddie

Sunday, November 16


I love snow! =-) It just 'sprinkled' but I rode in it and it was awesome! Eddie was so warm and it was so pretty! Eddie just walked around while we talked and we did a little trotting, sideways, and then I took the reins off. He was so light! He just turned with my finger tips and it was so amazing! HaHa, then he started to chase Scout. =-0 Whoops! Oh well, it was a great ride! I can't wait to play with Eddie tomorrow because it's going to snow and I don't think it's going to be windy! Yay! My sister and I are going to babysit tonight for the neighbors, so that's are schedule...
~SIGH~ I can't wait for the auditions to come out! It just so takes the pressure off. Eddie being a LBI/E and me being a LBI we need variety! It would be awesome if I got my blue string too. But I'm not getting my hopes up too high so I'm not disappointed.
Well gtg,

Savvy On!
Lea & Eddie

Thursday, November 13

Oh right! Pictures!

Pictures from today!


An Awesome Day

Today it was finally sunny out! Yes................ We had a great day with the boys, first let me tell you about our round pen experience...
I took Eddie in the round pen while my sister walked Scout around. Eddie and I breezed through the seven games, although he was a bit unconfident because he couldn't see his buddy. =-( A few times he would just explode and jump around then he would stop and we'd finish the game. So tomorrow I'm going to bring him back in there and do some transitions with the 22ft. line. He's doing better, and tomorrow Scout will be around so I think that will make a difference. So we ended on a good note and then finished for the morning!
Then this afternoon we rode in the pasture.
Again, he did so good! We trotted and played with the bulls eye and figure eight patterns. I only had to correct him a handful of times on the bulls eye and with the figure eight he had so much go!
I love you Eddie...

Lea & Eddie

Wednesday, November 12

Making an Ark...

Will it ever stop? It has been raining almost all day today, yesterday and most of the day before yesterday. So naturally the paddock and the outdoor are mud holes. =-( Grrr... So this morning I just groomed Eddie, cleaned his feet, sanded them off, brushed his tail you know, general undemanding time.

Soggy Savvy,
Lea & Eddie

Monday, November 10


Well the last few days I've had the farm to myself. (besides my mom and dad being around) It was uber cold this weekend so I couldn't do much with the horses. (it was muddy too) Both did manage to roll completely in the mud so they're filthy! =-P I rode Scout yesterday and played with some L2 things like tit for tat and follow the trail and rail. He did great and kept me very warm! Today I'm going to play with Eddie and possibly ride. Depending on his focus. So I'll post later today too!

Lea & Eddie

Friday, November 7

One more thing:

I'll upload pictures later. They'll be on the sidebar... not in a post.

Catch me if you can!

Today I played with Eddie on the ground then on his back. Ok, well first I want to tell you a little story...
So it is uber muddy right now so I took Eddie through the outdoor into the pasture, instead of going through the muddy dry(now wet) lot. I had the 12 foot line on him and I undid it so I could put the 22 on him. Well I coiled it up and hung it on the fence, I looked at him and instantly saw him get an evil look in his eye. He shook his head and galloped off. HOW INTERESTING! I took a breath, new it wasn't personal, he just wanted to play, and I ignored him. I checked out this pile of hay, that pile of hay, I was so interested in this barrel (hehe) and all the while he was cantering back and forth on the north line like, "Ha Ha! You can't catch me! Watch me buck and do slide stops!" I was laughing so hard. After about a few moments he turned around, licked his lips and sighed. Like, "Ok, now I'm good!" He walked over to me, thank you very much, I snapped the 22 line on and we continued our play session! Oh, one other thing he did great was trotting sideways without a fence. I was so proud of him!
I just thought that was the best thing! =-) YeeHaw!
Ok, now onto our ride,
He did really good. We trotted, sidewaysed and we just got 'back into the groove'. It was a lot of fun!

Well gtg!

Wednesday, November 5

Another good play session!

Well this morning we played with the ponies and groomed them up. I played with Eddie on cantering online and we played with the gate. The gate is a big safety zone for him. So we circling around the gate and I noticed he had the 'druthers' to the gate so we circled around it until it felt good and then we stopped that. Then I took him in the dirt lot and we did liberty stuff in there. We worked on transitions, draw, and the 7 games with an obstacle! He did greta with the 7 games, he stood on a cone, drove around the cone, backed away from the cone, circled through the cone, and sidewaysed over the cone. I was very happy! And so was he! Then I hopped on and we rode out to the pasture. My hip is feeling much better, not totally normal, but I can do everything I need to do to play with Eddie!

Savvy ON!

Lea & Eddie

Monday, November 3

Sunday, November 2

~A good day~

"Don't let your horse do less then you."
That was our principle for the day. Even though I was sore (which I totally forgot about when I was focused on Eddie) I still played with him. We jumped the barrels/cavaleties stacked, we did zone 5 driving with one 22ft rein and we sideways-ed without a fence. I was thinking about riding, when I decided against it. I didn't want to fall off again and then hurt myself even more. That would have not bee good. But yeah, Eddie was very happy and focused on me. I love you Eddie! He's such a good boy!

Savvy out,
Lea & Eddie

Saturday, November 1


Well today was busy, busy, busy! We sorted out moldy hay, I played and groomed Eddie and it's just been a down right busy day! I rode for a bit, then Eddie freaked out and I fell flat on my side/back. OUCH! So now me hip is so sore. I hope it feels better soon so I can ride tomorrow! Well yeah, that's about it.
Welcome November!

Lea & Eddie
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