Friday, March 20

Today & Yesterday

Yesterday I rode and did some freestyle Level 2 things. We're really shooting for filming freestyle this month, so wish us luck. He did really good! His sideways is amazing and the only thing that was iffy was our follow the rail because it was windy. But we're still working on it!
Today I played with Eddie with a lot of Level 3 online things. We cantered, went over obstacles, jumped a single barrel and did some zone 5 driving with two reins.
I'm planning on doing some cavaletties this afternoon and riding a little bit.
It's funny, for some reason, I'm really restless today. I want to do something! Like start something new, or buy something, or go somewhere, or learn something, or teach something! I think God's putting me through a test to see if I can hold on today and not loose my cool. So far so good! We'll see how riding goes. ;-) Maybe I won't ride. I just keep telling myself, open mind, open mind.......
Well I have to go do Algebra! Wish us luck! I'll keep ya updated!


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