Tuesday, March 17

It is so Nice Outside!

YAY! I love warm weather! We played out in the pasture today and it was really windy. But it was a pretty good play session. He was a little spooky while we did the circling game, but he was still connected to mwah. Even though he did leave once. lol! I was bringing a barrel over to do some weave, and he started walking away, then he started trotting away back to the barn, then he galloped home. How interesting! We went back out together and then he was fine, but he was like, "See Ya!" hahahahaha! What a silly dude!
His weave was really good and he cantered a circled and trotted a few without breaking gait, so that was pretty cool.

I asked out neighbors if i could use their trailer and they said yes! YAY! Now I can play with it with Eddie and we can film our Level 3/4 Online! I mean, why not? That's where we're playing anyway. I'm not too sure about Level 3 liberty, maybe in a few weeks, but I'll pray about it and think about it.

I was thinking today... We've have gotten so far... From April 2007 when I got him to March 2009. It's amazing! We're basically playing in Level 3 online, Level 2/3 liberty, Level 2/3 freestyle, and Level 2/3 finesse. All in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good. He definitly knew that I needed him and he needed me. And we're PERFECT for each other! We're totally going all the way to Level whatever! It's all about the relationship!

Oh! One more thing! Check this out!
from Norma on the Daily Parelli Blog:
The Dog Whisperer Meets the Horse Whisperer
WHOOHOO! We've got an AIR DATE - April 3rd on National Geographic Channel!
SEE PAT PARELLI and Cesar Millan when the Dog Whisperer Meets the Horse Whisperer. Pat and Cesar work with a Therapeutic Riding Center in Southern California - two challenging dogs and a horse that terrifies the side-walkers.
Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW to watch!! Go
here - to read all about the episode. Pass the word.
Also, if you want to Let National Geographic Channel KNOW that you WANT MORE of PAT and CESAR - like, say, maybe a ONE-HOUR SPECIAL or hmm, a Horse Whisperer SERIES - please WRITE an e-mail to comments@natgeochannel.com and say "PRETTY PLEASE CAN WE HAVE MORE PAT!?"

Sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea & Eddie

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