Wednesday, March 18


Before it rained today, I went outside and played with Eddie in the round pen. He did really good! We worked on out cavaletties and he was SO connected to me. At first he was very scatter-brained and was a complete extrovert. But I channeled his energy and he became SO responsive. I dropped my stick and forgot to pick it up again, so we played stick-less. All I had to do was bring my life up and he would start to trot. Yay! It's really amazing that you can do so little a phase and they offer so much! He really rounded his back over the cavaletties and I think he actually enjoyed it!
We went in the pasture after that and did some weave, sideways and point to point from zone 5. He did really good and I can't wait to start more long line driving. I'm planning on doing that over the summer. I'm a little uncoordinated with all the mud and the 45 foot line takes skill. Especially when they are tied into reins. So, wish us luck! We're diving into cavaletti therapy and plunging into the Level 3 world!
Green string, here we come!

Lea & Eddie

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