Tuesday, March 17

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Day!

Well yesterday we downright awesome! We went outside and I grabbed the bridle. Just for fun. It was SO nice out! I saddled up with the bareback pad and kept the halter & 12 foot line under the bridle. Then we rode! For the first time we rode freestyle in a bridle! He was AMAZING! If we had tried that about a year ago, it would have been a disaster, but with SAVVY it turned out awesome! We did some regular things, like sideways, follow the rail, corners game, 9-step backup and just a few other little things. His backup was the only thing we had a few problems with. But I found out that if I'm really light, then he's really willing. YAY FOR SAVVY!
We played around in the pasture after lunch and after I talked to Keri. He had a lot of energy while we did some CT in the round pen, but we ended on a really good note!
Well, that's all for now!

Lea & Eddie

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