Saturday, March 14

Riding - Riding - Riding!

This morning I went out and saddled up. He was in a very good mood, so I knew we didn't have to play. We did walk around a little bit before to do all the girthing and stuff. But we did really good! I love that he switched from LBE to LBI! He always does that this time of year. It's like going from spring fever to 'yay it's nice out!' I loooooooooooove it!
So we did figure eight, we sidewaysed over the barrels, jumped the small jump, actually we walked over it. Then we went in the outdoor, but the footing was really bad, so we went in the round pen. We did alot of the compulsories for Level 2 freestyle, and we did pretty good. He wasn't too connected to me, but that will come with daily rides.
I'm going to do our CT (cavalettii therapy) this afternoon, so wish us luck!
Here are a few pictures:
Getting on from the pedestal
Standing on the pedestal
Horsey! Love you Eddie!
Lea & Eddie


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!!

After lunch I am going to be dissecting my play time with Prince today. It was, as my dear sister puts it "an enlightening" play time.

Have fun with your CT!!!


Lea and Eddie said...

Yes, yes. You told me about that. What an opportunity to say "Oh Boy!"

Anonymous said...

That's for sure!!!!!


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