Thursday, March 12

What a good day!

Today was overall a very good day.
I went out this morning and groomed Eddie. Then my sister and I went out and played with them. Eddie was SO lazy, and to tell the truth, I was too. So we went in the round pen and played with a few little things. We played with circling game, sideways, and zone 5 driving. He did really good, especially with zone 5 driving. This afternoon I went back outside, around 5, and we played some more. This time it was a lot more fun. We went out to the pasture and played with our cavalettiies. I'm getting so sick of typing that word. Here's why: I made a blog for our CT. There I can't spell it anymore. ;-) Check it out. I'm not typing anymore of the C word!!!!!! =-D lol!

Trot on!
Lea & Eddie

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