Sunday, March 29

Saturday & Sunday

Yesterday was ----- a ton of fun! I went out to Rebecca's barn in the afternoon and we hung out there. We played with Savannah with the 7 games and she did awesome! Both horse and human! Savannah is so light and responsive and Rebecca catches on really fast. Savannah reminds me of Rachael Morland's horse. They look exactly the same, only Savannah has a longer blaze. So we hung out and I got to play with one of the minis at the barn. Her name is FiFi and she is a doll! I got her to stand on a box like a pedestal and she licked her lips while she was up there. Yummy thoughts! Then we cleaned out stalls and ended up staying out there till 8:40! And we got there at noon! I love horse barns! Oooh! Jacks, Rebecca's trainer's horse, is gorgeous! He reminds me of a mild Allure. He's a Clydesdale trakahner cross and is beautiful with his white feathers and black coat. It was a lot of fun to use some Parelli things on other horses. =-D Fun stuff!!!
Today was interesting. It iced/snowed last night so everything was yucky this morning. But now that the sun came out it is A LOT warmer out and the snow melted. Great, now it's mud! I went out and played with both the horses at liberty. I would run around and Scout and Eddie would follow. It was so cute! Then I walked Scout over to the pedestal, he stood on it of course and I put the hula hoop around him. Then I used that as I savvy string around his neck and we rode into the barn. Then I put my real savvy string around his neck and we walked around in the mud for a bit. THEN I made a Cherokee bridle and he was so cute! He even offered to tuck his head in!!!! Vertical flexion!!!! YAY!!!!
Eddie was so sleepy, so I didn't play a lot with him. But I probably will go back out in a bit. It's finally unsnowy now!
Well, have a savvalicious day!

Lea & Eddie

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