Thursday, March 26

Oh my, oh my!

Ok, where do I begin....
I went out to play with Eddie this morning and we had SO MUCH FUN! We did some weave and I really waited until he was thinking about it to stop. After about 4 times he stopped and licked his lips and looked at me (Question!)
Then, because things were going so well, and it was REALLY nice outside, I got on. We rode into the paddock and I got all my equipment. Bareback pad, hackamore, helmet and so on. Then we went back out and did some more weave! We walked through them, then backed through them and he did great! He did have the 'druthers' towards the gate, but we played with it and evened everything out=if he did something right, we would head to the pedestal, which is by the gate. Yay! His backup was interesting, I got to a phase 4 and he still wouldn't move. Oh boy, time to use my savvy! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my feet and a few steps, release, Viola!
Now to the funny part...
Allison took Scout in the round pen to play at liberty. But he ducked underneath the fence! =-O Loose pony alert! I hopped off because I knew Eddie would get right brain. I opened the gate to the dry lot (we were riding in the pasture) and by the time I did that Eddie had worked himself into a frenzy and Scout was in the backyard. Eddie went flying into the dry lot. Eddie saw the gate was open. Eddie is now free too!I run after Eddie! Two loose ponies!!!!!!!!!! My sister and I were so right brain, it was hilarious! Things would have gone so much more smoother if we were calm. hehehehehehe! But the good part is Eddie just trotted/jumped frantically and went to find his missing Scout. Scout could care less, he was digging the lawn grass!!!
Too funny. But that's pretty good, it's the first time a horse has gotten out in the last 2 years.
I ended up catching Eddie and we went back in the pasture after a quick drink and a breather. We did a bit more cloverleaf (half a cloverleaf) =-D and then stood on the pedestal and ended there. What a goof! Scout's a goof too!
Had to share with ya'll.
Have a savvy day everybody!

Lea & Eddie


Four Winds Farm said...

Yes.... it was pretty interesting looking out our 2nd floor window watching everybody "jumping" around! There goes Scout, hmmmm, there goes Eddie! See Eddie jump, see Scout jump! But you girls didn't look right brained at all, in fact you looked pretty savvy controlling the situation! Fun on the farm!

Randa said...

Hehehe! How funny is that. Brizzee almost got away once. I was leading her around our driveway (this was before we moved. Poor horses, they didn't have anywhere to move except leading 'em up and down the driveway) and mom was mean. She jumped behind Brizzee, and of course, it was when I was trying to get her to trot. She bucked, and ran ahead of me. I had to stop, spin around, and then brace myself. If I wouldn't have done all those in that split second, the rope would've come out of my hands and she would've ran out onto the busy highway...YIKES!! hehe.

Sounds like there's never a dull moment at Four Winds Farm. LOL.

Katie Oostman said...

:D Don't you love those moments??? hehe I'm so glad it had a happy ending! Savvy On!!!

Lea and Eddie said...

No, there never is a dull moment! Always something going on! Oh, the stories I could tell!
It's funny, I let Eddie into the dry lot from the pasture today and he ran to the gate again, can I go back out there and run around?!?!? Funny ponies!

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