Friday, March 27

Cavaletties & Jumps

This morning it was quite freezing. Yes. It was cold! Mom and Allison went to Kishwaukee College to look at the horticulture stuff. That's what she's going to do. But anyway!
I went out and played with Eddie. We had a really good play time! We trotted the sundial and jumped a lot of stuff. We had a great accomplishment, we trotted sideways without a fence! I don't think he likes trotting sideways with a fence, because he feels he can't go forward, so without it is! He did really, really, really good with that! I'll probably go back out there later and play again, maybe with Scout since my sister is head over heels in college stuff and senior graduation.
You know where I want to go to college?
HEHEHEHEHE! God willing of course.

OH! I got my Mega/Super/Xtra cool/Uber awesome Parelli bag!!!! I got it yesterday afternoon!

It's going to be GREAT for luggae and carrying all my savvy stuff with me! It's awesome!!!
Be Back Later!
Lea & Eddie

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