Tuesday, March 31

Bridleless Party!

Yesterday my sister and I had a bridleless party in the round pen! At first I rode Eddie with loose reins and he was doing awesome. His sideways was really good and all was great! Then my sister took off our reins and I took off her reins. I finally got Eddie to trot because he was a little LBI that day. Only for a few steps, but it was a trot! Then we did some sideways and he did great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he got kind of mad and stuck his head under the rail and grazed under there. How interesting! I should have said, "Me too!" but I bothered him until he brought his head up and then we walked around for a few more minutes. It was really fun and I can't wait to ride bridleless more!!!
Today it rained all day. YUCK! I groomed Eddie and he was happy for company.

Happy April!!!! (1 more day)

Lea & Eddie

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