Wednesday, July 20

An Unexpected Vet Visit

This morning started out like any other. I went out to the barn, gave the horses their grain and it was then that I noticed something was up. Diesel wouldn't eat his grain and he was having a hard time chewing.
When one of our horses don't eat - a pit automatically enters our stomachs.
So, I let him out and watched him graze. He was still having a hard time and he wouldn't chew. I brought him in, got mom and we watched him some more. We decided it was time to call the vet and we went back inside.
Now, let me first say that it is STINKING hot outside. 99 today with heat indices of 110-120. So, this was a big deal especially since he wasn't eating or drinking.
We called several vets and they all seemed to be busy or couldn't get here until late in the day. However, God orchestrated everything and our first-choice vet called us back. YAY! He left us with two options. Either he could come here at 1. Or we could take Diesel to the vet's place at 12. The clinic has air conditioning and they would be able to see to Diesel sooner. We decided to go to the clinic. If it wasn't for the heat, we would have stayed home, but we were really concerned with dehydration.
Our good friend, Ginger ended up coming and getting him and with a few ropes and some grain, we got Diesel into the trailer. It wasn't natural, but it was hot and he is better off for it.
Right now, they are diagnosing him and we're praying it's nothing too serious. In fact, I should be getting a call right now from my mom who is staying with him while I stay with Eddie and Scout.
It's 99 in the barn and I'm praying that it doesn't get any hotter. However, there is a nice breeze and the horses aren't even sweating.
I'll yet ya'll know when I hear from mom. I'm hoping it will be soon.

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

1 John 1:7
But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.


Anonymous said...

Hope he's OK - sounds like it might be a mouth issue. Sending best wishes and thoughts.

jrmom said...

Poor little guy...please keep us updated. I pray he is ok.

Lea and Eddie said...

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. God orchestrating everything yesterday and Diesel is now home, safe and sound. He's recovering well and is just pretty tired. The update is on my next post!

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