Saturday, July 30

Two Hot Days

Yesterday and today were both very hot. 90's and humid and sunny. Eddie and I had a bit of an adventure yesterday...
Long story short, he had one of his dehydration episodes that we call colic. Now, I caught it within minutes and got the bute into him lickity split. This was one of the fastest colics he's ever came out of. A half an hour later he got a drink and ate. That made me very happy that they are getting better and better! The last time he coliced was in the spring and it was pretty mild as well. So far so good, only 2 in one year!
Anyway, we've just been chilling, swimming, taking Scout and Diesel for walks and planning out new paddocks! I will post pictures and schematics of what they're going to look like!
I look to the right of this blog post and realize that I should probably explain why there are buggies on my post. Well, I rode my bike down to the creek yesterday and took lots of pictures of the flora and fauna! hehe! :-)
Oh, farm life is good!
More blog posts to come later! I have lots to talk about! One is the new paddocks and the other is SCOUT'S THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND BIRTHDAY!!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

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