Monday, February 6

No Matter the Weather

It was a cloudy, cold, day. The wind was so cold and damp that it just cut right through my carhartt's zipper. But, no matter the weather, there are three amazing horses in our backyard that are just waiting to be played with, or taken for a walk, or groomed, or fed.

So, I headed out to play with Eddie and let me tell you, he was spunky. We cantered around the pasture for almost the whole time and we would fly over the cavaletties, then jump over the log and anything else we could find. It was fun and he was having a blast! He would jump and kick and rear and literally just burn off his steam.
Oh, he is such a good boy and he is always ready to play. Every time I came around the corner and saw him waiting in his paddock, he would let out a huge whinny. Obviously he was waiting for me! :-) So I groomed him up and paid lots of attention to him in between caring for Scout.
On that note... Scout is doing so much better. His laminitis is gone, his feet are cool, and he is one happy, spunky boy! Praise the Lord. God has been so faithful in these past couple of weeks. It warms all of our hearts to see Scout so happy and well.

Proverbs 21:21
He who follows righteousness and mercy
Finds life, righteousness, and honor.

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