Saturday, November 26

When it Rains it Pours

I hate rain.

Ok. Rant. Done.

I didn't really get to play with Eddie today. :-( That makes me sad. But we did go for a walk together. We went around the outside of the corncrib and grazed out in the rain. I just couldn't help it and he sure didn't mind being out in the rain and out of his stall. Standing there with my horse and my outback hat in the rain seemed kinda cool to me. I've had a growing dream that I will have to blog about later. I want to do it someday and I pray that I'll be able to.
Anyway, we went for a walk around the corncrib and then went out to the pasture for a romp around there. We did a lap and trotted just a little bit. But it was way too slippery to do anything else.
Here's to a sunny day! I'm hoping that it's sunny out tomorrow.

~Lea & Eddie~

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