Friday, November 25

Thankfulness (Part 2)

I first posted about the big things that I'm thankful for.
Now for the frivolous & fun things I'm thankful for!
Things like...
Waking up in the morning to look out the window and see a fresh snow. Just dazzling!

Books. Curling up with a good book and just reading all day!

The only thing better than reading books it writing them!

Sitting down and watching a good movie. :-)

The sound of a cello and piano duet. Also any kind of music!! I love music - country, pop, rock, classical, soundtrack, you name it!

ICE CREAM! Ice cream is my one weakness. I could eat a whole container and still have room for more.

The sound of a river, the shining of the sun and the hush of a breeze through the trees. Rivers will always remind me of when I was baptized by my mom and dad. It's so peaceful and how can you not feel close to God when you are outdoors.
Above all else, I love the feel of a content horse and the peace of the outdoors. When everything is right in our own little world - the horse is happy - the human is happy and they are both soft to each other. I've experienced it with Eddie and I will always be searching for it time and time again. Lightness and softness is equal doses and true feel that can be felt in the heart of the horse and rider.

Oh the joys that life brings us!
So, what are you thankful for?

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Psalm 100:4
Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
         Be thankful to Him,
and bless His name.

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