Friday, November 4

A Lovely Ride

It was sunny, still and beautiful out today. One of the last nice days before the cold weather comes.
So, naturally I spent the majority of the day out with the horses! Eddie and I rode first thing in the outdoor. It was really muddy from Wednesday's rain, but we were still able to do some things. We worked on lightness and he is doing amazing with it. I've taken on even more of a soft feel and our backing up has gotten a lot better.
All I have to do is pick up the reins and sit deep and he stops. YIPPEE! Usually it only takes that much to back him too. He is such a good boy, I love him so much!
Then my sister and I took the horses for a walk in the track and then Eddie and I played in the pasture for a little bit.
We cantered around, he jumped over the cones and then we played with our cantering. He didn't want to pick to the right lead, and he has had some trouble with that lately. So, we'll have to work on that tomorrow too. But he picked up the left lead fine. It was just weird, because he also got stressed when I was asking him to canter to the right. Hmmm... Poor Ed... I'll have to see how I can help him with that...

~Lea & Eddie~

Ephesians 2:14
For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation.

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