Sunday, November 6

Bound for the South

In less than a month my mom and I leave for Florida.
Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Excited. Anxious. I don't really know - kind of a mixture of both.
See, I don't really like to leave the farm. Going to town is a chore and I usually only go up there once a week or every two weeks. That's totally fine with me, because I like hanging out with the horses and being home. So, it's always a jumble when I leave. Someone else has to stay home and keep an eye on the horses. Thankfully, I have an amazing sister and dad that are willing to take care of the farm while mom and I are away.
Yep, Florida here we come. I'm going to be taking a KC La Pierre course down at his place. Once I take this one, it's two more and I'm certified. I can't wait, I'm really looking forward to being certified! A midwest country girl headed to central FL.
Oh boy!

~Lea & Eddie~

Matthew 8:27
So the men marveled, saying, “Who can this be, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?”


Janine said...

So exciting! I was thinking of going to FL? But I am not sure I can aford it with travel and all. Where will you stay?? I noticed they offered some 200 hundred dollar discounts for courses in FL? Did you get that as well?? Have fun!!!

Lea & Eddie said...

Very cool! Yeah, I'm really excited that they offered a $200 discount. That really helps!
We're staying in Chiefland, which is only about 10 minutes away from Old Town.
Let me know if you're going down, it would be nice to know someone at the course!

Janine said...

Yeah, I am glad they gave you the discount! If I was to go? I was looking at the 2012 scedule. I think there was one in Feb(5 day)? But again, I am not sure I'll be able to afford it? Well have a super time and learn lots:)

Lea & Eddie said...

Thanks! I definitely will, I always bring a big notebook with me! :)
You should come to the one in August in Woodstock! It would be closer than FL and didn't you say your trimmer, Anna was there?
P.S. Your pictures on your blog are really pretty!!

Janine said...

Anna lives here by me. She is the one who currently trims my horses. But I would like to learn to do it myself. Since I will be moving to NC and won't have Anna anymore:( I just thought I could maybe go to one sooner than that? But we will see? Thanks about the picture comment!!!!!!

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