Monday, November 7

The Front Feet

Hey there! I'm transferring a few posts from an old blog to this one... They are all about feet, so if you want to know about feet, read these!

I have thinking about the purpose of the front feet. Seems simple right? Carry 60% of the horses weight. However, if we take a closer look, there is a lot more going on.

The front hooves of a horse are round, right? Like a dinner plate. Anyone can see that. There is a cause for their shape, here are the reasons:
  • Wider surface area
  • Circulation
  • Dissipation

The scapula of the horse (seen below) is NOT a joint into the thoracic vertebrae. Instead, it is attached by ligaments which are connective tissues from bone to bone. Which brings us back to the circular shape. If it were connected by joints, the scapula could not rotate or swivel. So, because the scapula is attached by ligaments, it CAN swivel. It can move. Joints are made to go up and down, or right to left. Not 180 degrees  Hence, the front feet are round. The scapula can move and the feet are free to swivel, make turns and moves that the hind feet physically cannot do. I'll post about the hind feet in my next post.

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