Monday, November 21

The Amazing Days

As I was playing with Eddie yesterday and riding around lazily in the outdoor, I started to reminisce about a few of the amazing days I've shared with the horses.
These were the ones I thought of:

The day that I first cantered Eddie.

He started to trot and took a few strides at the canter. It was so smooth, so perfect. That was in August 2008.
The day that Scout came.

I remember like it was yesterday the look on Eddie's face. "A PONY?! YOU GOT A PONY FOR ME?!" He was so happy. I think this picture totally sums up that day. Pure happiness. Scout had been alone for over ten years and Eddie had been alone for 15 months. They are perfect brothers and love each other so much!
The day Diesel came home.

I also remember this day so vividly. HARPS humane society came out to help us get Diesel. He was alone in a field for one year with no food or water. What some people do to animals... Anyway, I was able to put the rope around his neck and then we hung on. We got him in the trailer and he started a new life with us.

The first day that Eddie and I actually jumped.

We cantered after it and my best buddy took the most amazing picture! It is still one of my favorites! Totally sums up our carefree, fun loving style! Crocs and rolled up jeans, oh yeah!!
The day we got flooded!

We had SO much rain and the south west corner of our property had about a foot of standing water. So we took the horses down there and Eddie rolled in it, pawed in it and we even rode through it. It was so fun!
The Blizzard & skiiing.

Scout would pull us on the skis and my sister and I would take turn leading him. It was so much fun and Scout was pretty excited about it too.
The blizzard was really fun too. We got upwards of 4ft drifts and the horses had so much fun playing in them. Diesel probably could have gone under a few of the big ones!

Jumping & Cantering in August 2011.

That was one of those days that every fit so perfectly together. Like a puzzle piece, but even better.
"That absolute pure honesty of the horse, man that's just the greatest thing there is... - Buck Brannaman"

That's the quote that somewhat sums up that day. We were both so willing and he was so open and soft. It's said that once you get a taste of that, pure harmony, you'll spend all your life trying to get there again. :-)
That was our day.

~Lea & Eddie~

Psalm 107:1

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
         For His mercy
endures forever.

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