Sunday, September 4


It's been 8 days since I have last played with him.
I think that is a record.
But ya know, he did ok! We didn't really have to do many 'refresher' things and he was eager to play and do stuff! We went in the pasture and just ran out there together. He bucked. A lot. He jumped around. A lot. But he was having a good time, so I just let him be crazy. :-)
After that we went for a little walk by the south line. Aka the scary, zombie-filled brush line. Eddie did ok though. We walked up and down it a few times and by the time we were done, he was feeling pretty good about it.

Also! I picked up The Faraway Horses by Buck Brannaman again. I read the first few chapters about a year ago and I honestly thought it was rather depressing, so I put it down. Well, after realizing that the book has to get better because Buck is an amazing horsemen, I picked it up again. About halfway through it now and it is amazing! Learning a lot and it's just a really good read. I definitely recommend it!
Buck has been through so much and he has such a positive outlook on life and has moved past so much. I really admire him and can't wait until he comes to Southern Wisconsin (Sunflower Farms) in fall of 2012.

So yes... A day that I get to play with Eddie is a good day indeed! <3

~Lea & Eddie~

Jeremiah 17:10
I, the LORD, search the heart,
I test the mind,
      Even to give every man according to his ways,
      According to the fruit of his doings.

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