Monday, September 5

A Beautiful Day!

Today was BEAUTIFUL! In the 60's/70's and sunny and breeeezy!
Eddie and I played in the outdoor and rode around bridleless. We both had so much fun and he was very happy to play.
Also, we did some cutting game and I think he liked it! It would be fun to practice that more and maybe one day we can be 'cowboy ranchers!' lol! JK! I think Eddie would freak if he had to do something with a cow. ;-)

So yes... We ran around, enjoyed the weather and it was really nice to ride again. It was windy, but Eddie was calm and willing.
Oh yes! And I also trimmed Eddie! His feet look amazing. The hinds were a little out of balance, but I got em back to where they need to be and now he is as balanced as an I-don't-know-what.

Hope that you all had a wonderful Labor Day with friends and family!

~Lea & Eddie~


Nela said...

Hope you get it! :) I'll be praying for you.

That's cool that you know how to ride bridleless. I hope to do that too someday. :)

Take care!

Lea said...

Thank you, Nela!! :) Still waiting to hear what he has to say.
Yeah, it's a lot of fun! Scout can do bridleless better than Eddie, but Ed is getting it. :) He just likes to have a little extra reassurance. :)

Janine said...

Cool and I LOVE your hat! Where did you get that????

Janine said...

Hey, I was also wondering? I noticed you don't have a ton of shade on your farm. Which is fine! But, when I plan to move from MI to NC, I won't have any shade either. Do you ever find it hard to play with your horses always in the sun?? This will be new to me. Currently, I am spoiled at a boarding barn and have an indoor arena, horse barn, and shade. I won't have any of that in NC! Give me your pointers! LOL.

Lea said...

Well, it's actually my sister's and she just got it from Blain's Farm & Fleet. I don't know if you have F&F's out by you (I think they're a WI, IL, IA kind of store) but it was only about 10 bucks!
Here is the link to it!

Lea said...

Oh! And yes, sometimes it is hard. Especially when the highs are in the upper 90's and the heat index is over 100. But we usually just put them in their stalls with fans that hang in front of them on high. So that helps. But we're planning on putting up some shade trees in their paddocks next spring. Maybe willows, poplars or aspens. Something that isn't toxic and safe for the horses to eat. :)
We do have a track that goes around our whole pasture and it has shade in it. But the ponies never go out on it and they never go down to the shade.... :-/ lol! They are such silly boys!

P.S. Do you have a facebook?

Janine said...

Thanks on the hat info!!! Well I mean more for you playing with the horses in the heat. I would of course think you skip the super hot days. But is it hard to play with horses in the sun like that all the time. We too eventually will plant trees. But of course, it will take a while before they give any shade for me. Like the other day I gave both my horses a bath in the shade and then it made me realize. Gee, I won't be able to do this in NC. Since, I have no shade and I don't know if I want to bake in the sun light like that for a while in the heat. It was hot that day, but in the shade and with water it was soo nice. I guess, I'll figure it all out once I move. But I feel I'll be doing a lot in the dark with the bugs, LOL!!!!! That's another reason I asked about your hat! I am going to need one, LOL. Yes, I FB, Janine Schroeder. Thanks!

Lea said...

Yeah, hosing off the horses really helps. Eddie loves it and always comes over to the fence to be hosed off when I fill up the water trough.
And when it's really hot, we just don't play. Maybe we go for a walk, but that's about it. :) Plus I think the horses are happy for a day off here and there. :)

Lea said...

One more thing, what is your profile picture on facebook? I didn't know which one was you! :)

Janine said...

It's a picture of me standing next to a stall and it has a Parelli logo pin on the picture with red hearts going around the frame. Thanks!!

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