Saturday, September 17

Busy Last Couple of Days

It sure has been busy lately!
Yesterday I trimmed Jigs in the morning and then in the afternoon it drizzled on and off. I played with Eddie in between rain showers and we had fun! It was so still and quiet out, so we played with long reins out in the pasture and in the track. It was really cool, because he was SO light and soft. :-) He is such a good boy! <3
The day before it was a beautiful day and I played with Eddie and Diesel and I rode Eddie for just a little bit in the outdoor.

Today looks to be gorgeous and I'm going to play with Eddie the next time he comes off of pasture. We'll probably ride too since it is just beautiful out!! <3
Plus, I'm starting to right down a list of things Eddie and I need to work on with our riding. I'll post it as soon as I finish it! :-)

Hope that you all have a wonderful day!!
~Lea & Eddie~

Ephesians 5:1
Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.

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