Sunday, June 12

Playing with our herd

hat a beautiful day!
Sunny, slight breeze and nice and cool. Can anyone guess what I did today? Let's see... I played with Scout, rode Scout, played with Eddie, rode Eddie, trimmed Eddie and played with Diesel! It was a full day! Oh yes, I also bought a new pair of cowboy boots! Justin Gypsy's - oh yeah!
Here's a quick summary of what we did today:

We went out to the pasture and played for a nice long time! We cantered through our 'shoots' which were poles set up so he could canter through them in a big circle. :-) It was fun! Scout and I also raced each other, running up and down the south line. (longest side of the pasture) I was out of breath, but I'm sure he could just go and go! I hopped on when we were done and rode through all the gates (3 total) to Scout's paddock. We ended on an awesome note and he had such a blast playing. :-) I love him so much and he loves the attention almost as much as I love giving it.

We did a lot today!! First we played at liberty in the pasture and then he decided to go to the outdoor. lol! So I followed him and we played in the outdoor at liberty for a while. He just loves the outdoor! We trotted a few laps along the rail and then we switched and did it the other way. He did so well and was really connected! Then after I hopped on, we trotted a little bit, and worked on our backing up. We mostly just had fun and didn't do too much with the riding. Mostly because I didn't have a helmet since mice have decided to take up residence in my brain bucket. :-/ But I'm going to wash it out and then we'll be able to do some more riding! I also trimmed Eddie and  his back feet look so good! :-) I'm so proud of him!

hehe, oh Diesel, Diesel... We headed out for a nice walk and he stops. backs up. and goes the other way. So... I followed him and we ended up going the other way on the track. Ok, I guess he just wanted to go the other way. We trotted the whole south line and east line and I raced him a little bit. Needless to say, he was not thrilled at my enthusiasm and we didn't go above a trot. But, I think he had fun and it's always a bonus when there's a treat in the back pocket! :-) He's such a good boy and I love playing with him. You can learn so much from horses and hinnys are so exception! He has taught me more than I thought I would learn from him and is very patient. Such a little muffin-pie! :-)

That's my day! A typical day in the life of Lea!

Hope that ya'll had a great day too!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
         And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Thought this was a pretty cool video to go along with this verse.

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