Tuesday, April 5

Eddie's Stride!

Here is a video of Eddie and his foot fall! His feet are doing great and are coming into spring nicely!

Today we played in the pasture online and he was VERY sleepy! So the majority of what we did today was trimming, which took a little longer than an hour because a) my rasp is dull b) I was lazy and c) I took lots of breaks. lol! But we rode in the outdoor for a little bit too and he was hyper in there! hehe, funny how he changes when we ride.
 Although now that I think about it, he was more hyper/sleepy... I'm not quite sure he knew what he wanted to be! ;-)

~Lea & Eddie~

Proverbs 12:1
 Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge,
      But he who hates correction
is stupid. 

(I like how blunt that verse is! Kind of makes you chuckle!)

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