Monday, March 7

A Sunny Day!

It was beautiful out yesterday. Sunny, warm and muuuuddy!
So, I had a big play day with the horses!
First, I played with Eddie in the outdoor and we ran around at liberty. He was having so much fun! It was muddy though, so we took it somewhat slow. But we jumped over the barrels, trotted around and just got some of the kinks out. Because it was sunny, Eddie was sleepy :-) so I grabbed my helmet, bareback pad, sidepull and reins and we were off! He was a very good boy and tried really hard. But he was a little feisty. hehe! We just took it slow and did some small things. He really calmed down after a while and I only had to get off and correct him once. Which was really good all things considered. Aka, I haven't ridden for a while since everything has been freezing and thawing.
We did some more things like backing up, going sideways and just getting him to relax, then we went for a lap in the outdoor and ended by the gate. We're getting there and he's doing much better! Eddie always tries hard!

Then it was Scouty's turn!!
I led him out to the pasture and I rode around out there with him. He was very happy for the company and exercise and we had a lot of fun trotting around out there. Scout is such a good boy! When we finished, I played with him in the pasture a little bit. We cantered around, almost jumped the log (it's a little too high for him, especially since he's older) and did some cavaletties. Yay!
So, we had a great day all around and it was so nice that the sun was out!!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

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