Saturday, January 15

Eddie's Family Tree

This could be an interesting post! I'm going to go as far back as I can with Eddie's registry. Thanks "A Year With Horses" (Kate) For the great idea!!!

Well, let's see. Eddie's registered name is R Big Time Edition. Now, let's go back to sire's side:

First, there's his dad, R Big Time Fancy, an APHA sorrel/overo
His parents are Mr. Fancy Bonanza (see below) and Sweet Celebration.

Then, there's Mr. Fancy Bonanza, Eddie's grandfather, who is a chestnut/overo.

Fancy Bonanza was sired by Mr. Supreme Bonanza and A Real Lover.

Now, Eddie's mom was Sonsational Beauty: whose parents were Sonsational Too and Jets Choice. :-( Unfortunately I couldn't dig up any info on them. But they are all paints. So Eddie is all paint, but sure doesn't look like it!

Very cool! And I think my family tree is interesting, our horses' is just as interesting too!!! :-) Maybe I can find something for Scout and Diesel... just maybe!

~Lea & Eddie~
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