Monday, November 22

What a Day!

Tornado warnings & tornadoes, oh my!!!
Today was a very interesting day! This morning it rained, then it was pretty sunny, then it got cloudy again, then it got windy, then it started to rain, then there was a tornado watch, and finally a tornado warning! It was crazy! There was a tornado north of us and I guess it was a half a mile wide. 0_0

Here's the Youtube link ^^^ Be sure to check it out! Thank the Lord that nobody was seriously injured!

But this morning, (before it stormed, after it rained) I got to play with Eddie and ride too!! :-) We went out to the pasture and he was so sleepy!!
 So we took it slow, and just walked around. We did some long reins, trotted to different barrels and jumped a few things.
We also played with the cavaletties and he trotted over them beautifully! He's such a sweetheart. I love him!
Because he was so sleepy, I hopped on and we walked around a few times. He almost jumped too, which was really fun!!
I had gotten on from the tube, and then he tucked his back legs. I was going to let him go over it,
A) I didn't have a helmet
B) I was alone and
C) I didn't have any reins. (Except for a lead line.)
So I hopped off instead of jump. ;-) It would have been fun though. ;)
Here are some pics!

 Eddie's nose!!
 Eddie's feet! So pretty! hehe!

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