Saturday, November 20

Fall Ride

What a lovely fall day it was! Pretty chilly, but that's ok. I took Eddie and Scout for a walk in the track and then Scout and I played in the pasture for a little bit. Eddie was pretty sleepy, so I let him go inside. It was cold too - 33 windchill and it was very windy. So I played with Scout, rode around for a little bit, then went in the outdoor.

Once we went out there, I hopped off of Scout, hopped on Eddie and we rode around for a little while. He was sort of worried (whooping cranes were going over and my cat was following me around, meowing for attention) and plus it was windy, so we just walked around, he did trot a little bit, and we ended on a really good note.

Hopefully we'll be able to ride more too, it's just been so windy and cold!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

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