Friday, November 19

How Far We've Come

Lately, I've been going through old pictures and videos and I'm amazed at how many I have! lol! But that's beside the point... ;-) It was just really fun to go back, look at pictures and see how far we've come. Because, trust me, we've come a LONG way! Maybe I'll upload some pics or videos soon of old videos. Tomorrow maybe! ;-)

Anyway, Eddie and I went for a nice, long walk around the track a couple of times. That was really nice, and Eddie likes to mosey around, eat hay, graze a little bit and look around. It was really windy today and cold, so we finished in the outdoor with some liberty play. We trotted around to different barrels and just hung out. Because they had a whopper of a play time this morning! All the horses decided to play Seabiscuit, and run around like crazy ponies. It was good though, they could all use the exercise. lol!

Here are some pictures from yesterday!
We played for a quite a while at liberty with both the horses. So much fun, so much fun!


Parelli Central said...

Dear Lea, I love your autumn photos :) and please do upload some from previous days. It's amazing how much our horses can change.

Warm wishes from Poland,
Marta and Juliano

Lea and Eddie said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment! :) I love autumn, definitely my favorite season!! :)

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