Wednesday, November 10

Fun fun day!!

It was such a beautiful day today! The sun was shining, it was breezy and probably for the last time this year, I was able to wear a t-shirt outside.
So I got to play with the horses a lot today!! I trimmed Eddie and Diesel in the morning, then played with Eddie and Scout in the afternoon. Ed and Dies did really well with their feet, and they are all trimmed up and pretty now! :-) Nothing like a natural hoof!
Then I played with Eddie in the track (we went for a walk) but he was really sleepy. So I hopped on and walked around for a little bit in the track. Which was fun! We haven't ridden in there for a long time! We went into the pasture after that and just trotted around (I got off, so we could play some more) and we jumped a few things. By then he was very sleepy, so I let him go graze and I opened the pasture gate so that the ponies could come graze on the pasture for a little bit. I  played with Scout then too and got him some exercise. We did some cavaletties, trotted around and I took the halter off and just sat on him while he grazed.
Such great ponies! We're so blessed to have them! <3

Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel


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