Tuesday, November 9

Going for a Walk

The sun sure was shining today!! It was very warm out (gosh it's already November, but it's 68 out!) So we played for a long time outside! I played with Eddie first. Well, actually I trimmed Eddie first. He did really well and his feet are looking great. I'm going to trim his hind feet tomorrow and then do Diesel too. But, anyway!

Eddie and I went for a really long walk! We went out by the muck heap, down towards the silo, through the backyard, through the orchard and down to the low spot. We grazed there for a while and then headed back. We played a lot throughout our walk and just did some small sidepasses, some circles and trotting around. It was really fun and I think he was having a blast!
I remember when we couldn't even take him past the garage. But that was almost 4 years ago, and things have changed SO much since then!

After that, we went into the outdoor and played at liberty in there. We added Scout to the mix and he came trotting in, with Eddie soon behind him - chasing him - of course! ;-) I hopped on Scout a little bit and we trotted around without any ropes, or anything. Just me and him. It was really fun!

Overall, we had a great day, and it is so nice to have an indian summer!

 ~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

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