Thursday, October 21

Liberty Play!

It has been one dry fall!! I don't think we've had rain for a month or more. So naturally, the paddocks are very dusty, the horses have small surface cracks on their hooves, and my boots are now a different color - dust.
However, I've been able to play with the horses a LOT because it hasn't been raining at all and it's sunny 24/7. Eddie and I have been playing with a lot of liberty, and we've added Scout and Diesel to the mix. I've let them in on our play sessions, and we've all played together! So that has been really fun! Because Scout will come play for a little bit, then he'll leave, then I'll play with Eddie, then he'll leave. Then Diesel will come over, get a treat and walk away! lol! hehe! They are such silly ponies!
I've also been riding a lot more, since it's perfect fall conditions for a lovely ride. If you don't count the wind. ;-)

Also finished Tom Moates' book! It was really good, I picked up a few things and learned a bit, but most of it was just really pleasurable to read. Who doesn't like a good horse book? :-)

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