Sunday, October 17

Things We've Been Doing

Lately, Eddie and I have been playing with a lot of little things, but I've learned one BIG thing!

I've been reading Tom Moates' book, Discovering Natural Horsemanship, and I came to one chapter where he was talking about something that he experienced with his horses. His horse, Niji, would bolt anytime he got on, and that's what Niji learned. He learned that he was supposed to bolt when he was mounted. But when Tom went to a clinic, things changed. He stayed on through the bolt, and after that, Niji was different. He let him mount, ride and do some small things.
Anyway, here's what Eddie and I have been having some trouble with.
He was kind of run off during our riding sessions. Not hard, he would just strongly voice his opinion and run in the direction that he wanted to go. Which was usually towards the pedestal. Interesting...
That's his safety spot.
We always take a break there, and that's where we both relax. So I would just let him go there, usually it was at a trot. Then we would stop, turn around, and go back to what we were doing.
Big breakthrough today! And thank you Bec for being there today! I had a blast riding the horses with you! (her blog)

And you know what?! It has gone away!! Yahoo!!!!!

What a great day, we've been riding a lot more, and I am so excited!

Lea & Eddie

Psalm 25:14-15
The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only he will release my feet from the snare.


Kaylee said...

How interesting! My RBE is in love with the pedestel too! My theory is that the horse knows that the pedestel means the "stop" spot, the place where the horse can rest. It's hard for my horse to keep a gait faster then a trot over a pedestel (atleast mine, I made pedestel out of a crate and just nailed boards over it). What do you think?
Anyway thanks for blogging, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Tom's books are excellent - read the next one, it's even better! Good figuring out and solving the problem.

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