Saturday, October 23

A Wonderful Ride

Today was a beautiful day! It rained this morning, which was a really good thing! Hooray! Hooray! Now our paddocks aren't so dusty. So Eddie and I took it slow, because the ground was still pretty wet.
We went for a walk in the pasture, jumped over a few things, and I hopped on every now and then. He was such a good boy! Sometimes he just didn't want to move around or something, so I would hop on and then we would go together! Which was fun, and I could tell he was like, "Well, ok! I guess we can walk around!" hehe! What a silly boy! :-)

 These pics weren't from today, but it's pretty much what we've been doing. :-)

But today, Eddie and I finished our walk and went into the outdoor. I just kind of let him choose where to go. We played in the outdoor for a little bit, then we went out around the muck pile and grazed. (Not too close tho) hehe! 

We finished our grazing with some riding in the outdoor. He was such a good boy! We trotted a little bit, he was super light, so I was really excited! Then we just had some fun, did lots of things on a loose rein and just relaxed.

It was so windy, so I would really proud of him! He was so excellent!!! <3

 Love you so much Eddie!!!

~Lea & Eddie~

Galatians 6:2
Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

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