Thursday, September 30

Thoughts on: Positive Thoughts

"Look for what's good in your ride today. Make a list immediately after
you get off your horse of at least 3 GOOD things about your ride! Do
that every day this week. Just the GOOD stuff. Even if it's just doing a
relaxed free walk or that your horse stands perfectly still when you
mount. You may find your cup is actually half full, instead of half
empty." -Jane Savoie


Eddie and I have been playing with that lately!

Because today I found myself looking at what Eddie couldn't do, instead of what he could do. And all of a sudden, once I changed my focus to the things that he did well then I started to get a lot more from him! Now, granted I wasn't totally focused on the bad stuff, it was just more in the back of my mind. But I flip-flopped that and I was happier and he was too!

So that was really cool and I'm glad that I got that monthly newsletter from Jane Savoie. She is a natural dressage instructor and I really liked a few of her philosophies.

Anyway, on to what Eddie and I have been doing lately!

There's a quick video! :-) We have been doing some fun sidepasses, a little bit more of the spanish walk and we've been riding some more! :-) 

It's been really fun and I hope that we can ride some more lately. He has just been kind of spooky lately, but I don't blame him. It's chilly and windy - his least favorite weather. But he's very patient and I am too. :-) So we make for the perfect team!


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