Monday, September 27

Playing with all the horses!

Today was a wonderful day!
It wasn't windy at all, it was sunny, it was so quiet and chilly, but at the same time, warm from the sun.
So today I played with Eddie and Scout!
First I played with Scout though, since Eddie was asleep. We played at liberty, did a few small things and then I hopped on bareback and bridle-less and we played with some focus games! I would focus on something, and he would either go to it, or wouldn't go to it. Most of the time he did, and I rewarded him, and the times he didn't, well I just went with it and picked a new spot to focus on! He did really good, and most of the time I only had to use my legs to direct him! He is such a good boy! :-)

Then Eddie came into the outdoor with us and I played with them both at liberty, and also did some liberty just with Ed. He did so well even though he was pretty sleepy! ;-) I hopped on after that and we rode bareback and bridle-less too! We went to some different things, while we played the focus game and he did really well! He knew exactly what I was aiming for and he only decided not to go a few times. hehe! But he was so sleepy, so I can't blame him! I did get the sidepull out and we rode around for a good 15-20 minutes after that. Then I could sense that he was getting sort of bored, so we ended on a good note, a wonderful trot back to the fence!

It was a wonderful play session and an absolutely beautiful day!
Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day too so I can play with them all again!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~


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