Tuesday, September 7

1 - 2 - 3!

If you have ever played with two horses at the same time, you know it can probably be a challenge.
Now, if you add another horse to the mix, take all their halters off, and play in a medium-sized arena, then that adds up to a lot to think about!

That's exactly what I did with our herd today! First Scout came by the gate, so I let him in and played with him a little bit. Then I let Diesel in, and Scout went out. So I played with Diesel alone. Then I let Diesel out, and Scout and Eddie came in! lol! Confusing? I know!

We just did some small things, lots of draw, lots of run with me, sidepasses, circles and lots more!
It's a far cry from:

 Jean Francois Pignon, but it's a start! Hey, he even had to start somewhere. ;-)

Maybe we'll be able to play together more, it was a lot of fun to play with all of them. I like to challenge myself!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Job 39:19
“Have you given the horse strength?
      Have you clothed his neck with thunder?

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