Friday, September 10

Oh dear, it looks like I have lost track of the time and gotten behind on my posts! Oh dear!
So this blog post is for September 8th.

Eddie and I had a lovely play time in the round pen! We played at liberty and just played with our connection. He did splendid and was so focused and connected!
We truely had a wonderful time just playing. Horse play! His favorite kind!

Here are some pictures!

Then I groomed him, and we played with some tying.
He hasn't been tied for a LONG time, so I just looped the rope over the 'hitching post' and did a quick release knot.
He didn't like it too much, but he stood very well! So I rewarded him a LOT for standing and being so good.
I also groomed him up while he was standing there, so it gave him something to think about. :-)
Oh yeah! I also trimmed his front feet. Which he was excellent for. But then again, what isn't he excellent for?! hehe!!

After that we rode in the pasture for a little bit. Nothing too much, just enough to have fun!
Then we let Eddie and Scout go together in the pasture and they ran around a lot. Lots and lots of fun for our silly ponies!

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