Sunday, August 29

Just keep trimming...

Well, it has been a VERY 'trimming' week! On Friday, all the horses got trimmed, and we went down to OEW's and Mike trimmed Jigs while I held him. I played with him for a little while after that, and he was awesome! Then I played with Eddie when we got home from OEW. We played at liberty in the round pen, ran around the pasture, went for a walk all around the house, and then rode for a half an hour or more in the outdoor!
It was really nice, and a really fun day!

Then yesterday, the KC La Pierre course started! I learned so much yesterday, and it was mind boggling! I mean, I read his book twice, but this is SO much more in depth! And I am absolutely loving it!!! Today was another awesome day or learning! I think I have about 21 pages of notes now! Wowza!
Anyway, I will type all about it some more tomorrow! The schedule for tomorrow starts with classroom time and ends with a dissection! Won't that be fun!! ;) hehe!!!

~Lea & Eddie~

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