Tuesday, August 24

Finally a Cool Day!

 Ok, bad blog owner here. I haven't updated it in 4 days. And that's a long time for me!
I feel like Emperor Kuzco, saying "Bad llama!" And hitting himself in the face. I don't know if you've ever seen The Emeror's New Groove, but that's the movie it's from. And it's quite hilarious! ;-)


 Moving on....

Well yesterday was one fun day!
I took Diesel for a walk through the pine trees, we walked through huge spider webs (and I freaked myself out) lol! but Diesel was fine, and we finished our walk with some grooming up, and feet tending. See, his walls are thin, and he has some hoof wall separation (flare) so I'm in the process of cleaning that up. Mostly likely a mistake I made, so I'm learning to bring his toes back some more, and keep the flare from getting worse.

Then I played with Eddie and he was fantastic! We played with our connection, and he was really focused, and happy to play! You know what's amazing? I haven't used my stick in over a week! I just don't need it, nor does Eddie. My hand usually is enough, but when it's not, then just a little encouragement with the rope is sufficient. It so amazing! So we're not playing with a carrot stick, and lately not even a rope. WOWZA! Thanks to Carolyn Resnick for that. her podcasts really made me realize that everything you do 'online' can and should be done at liberty. So the horse has a choice. And I did that with Diesel the last time I trimmed his. He was at liberty the whole time, and I just had treats with me so that he had a reward.

*happy sigh* I just love this journey!

So next was Jigsaw! Crissie's horse!
I went out to play with him and we just had a blast!
Here's a video, and I think that explains it all! :-)

Lea & Eddie & Jigs & Diesel & Scout

Psalm 116:1-2
1 I love the LORD, because He has heard
         My voice
and my supplications.
 2 Because He has inclined His ear to me,
         Therefore I will call
upon Him as long as I live.

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