Sunday, August 8

August 7th.

 I played with Eddie and Scout together again! It was really fun!!

But first I just wanted to say...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! :-) Love you so much, and thank you for being a wonderful mother, and supporting me in the things that I do.

:-) So I did get to play with the horses today, and in fact I played with them all! We did what we did yesterday, I played with Eddie alone in the outdoor, then I called Scout and he came in with us. Today was so much better than yesterday! We did some circles together, and then we played with some connection games, drew them both towards me at the trot, and Eddie was totally focused on me, and not Scout. So that was amazing!! Scout did great too, he's getting better about not being worried about the carrot stick when I encourage Eddie. It's funny, because when I ask Eddie to trot, Scout does instead, and when I ask Scout to trot, Eddie just stops. hehe! So we have to play with that a little bit more, but I think we're really getting it! Man, I sure do love just having fun with them!
It will be fun to see, if in a year or so, I can ride one, and play with the other at the same time. It's probably easier too! :-) We shall see!

~Lea & Eddie~
Psalm 149:4
For the LORD takes pleasure in His people;
         He will beautify the humble with salvation.

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