Sunday, August 8

August 6th.

Today Eddie and I had a ton of fun! We played at liberty in the outdoor and we just PLAYED! I would run around and he would chase me, then I would chase him around, and he would buck and play! We did some connection things to test how good our draw was and it was awesome! We played around like that for 25 minutes or so, and then I added Scout to the mix.
I usually don't play with them together, especially not at liberty, but I thought, hey why not?! Eddie knows when I 'scold' him not to chase Scout, and Scout loves liberty, so why not? We did a few things, and I was pretty uncoordinated. So we went slow. :-) We did get to do a few laps in the outdoor with Scout on one side of me and Eddie on the other. Which was really cool! But we did a few little things, and I mostly played with one, then played with another. Just so that they could get a feel of what we were doing.
It was a blast though, and we'll do it again tomorrow!

~Lea & Eddie~

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Kerrin Koetsier said...

Hey Lea,

It sounds as if your horsemanship is coming along in leaps and bounds!

You're friends with Kerri Standish, right? I'm excited to have found an online group of home educators, that are also dedicated to their horsemanship!

I've started following you on my personal blog! (

Kerrin Koetsier
Parelli Central

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